Touristik Label - 105MN40: Braşov - şaua dintre Râşnov şi Poiana Braşov - Râşnov


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From the asphalt road, 100 meters below Trails 38 and 39, turn right onto the path marked with blue stripe (common starting point with Trail 41). Walk for 30 meters and Trail 41 continues to the right.  Continue uphill for 780 meters above the old road (Trail 39). From this point, there is a marked variation which descends 120 meters straight ahead to the Old Road (Trail 39). Walk for 260 meters and two switchbacks take you to Valea Seaca valley. Walk upstream on the left side river. Climb 560 meters on the right slope of the valley and get to the forest road on the ridge. Turn right and 335 meters further get onto the asphalt road through the fences of Poiana Mica villas. Turn left on the road for 40 meters (alongside Trail 42) and then veer right onto the forest road that goes to Stana Turistica sheepfold. Continue for 610 m along the road, turn left for 65 meters and then right 155 meters to return to the forest road that goes to Stana Turistica sheepfold. Walk 225 meters along the road and when you reach a transformer Trail 57 continues to the right and you veer left onto Sticlariei valley. The road descends along the stream for 1.7 km. Continue 500 meters down the forest road to DJ 1E asphalt road, to the northern end of Poiana Aviatorilor meadow (intersection with Trail 43 and common route up to the saddle between Rasnov and Poiana Brasov). Descend 570 meters along the road through Poiana Aviatorilor meadow and then through the forest and turn left to Poienii valley (intersection with Trail 44). Turn right, walk to the signpost and continue alongside Trails 43 and 44 to the saddle between Rasnov and Poiana Brasov. Walk 320 meters on the asphalt road (west) and in the first switchback to the right leave the road to the left and continue on the footpath. Walk up below the road for 530 meters to the western end of the meadow between Rasnov and Poiana Brasov. Turn left and the switchback up to the right below the forest takes you  to the saddle between Rasnov and Poiana Brasov (intersection with Trails 43 and 44). Continue the gradual ascent for 440 meters, first to the south and then to the west downhill for 600 meters to the intersection with Trail 59 (940 m). Continue along the ridge for 1.6 km, on the contour line to the intersection with the upper end of Trail 56. Descend 400 meters straight ahead (10.1% slope) and get to the lower end of Trail 56, over Rasnoava cave (intersection with Trail 58). Descend 400 m on a steetper slope (16.2%), walk past two rock steps and 325 m further (13.5% slope) reach Sub Padina meadow (intersection with Trail 58). Continue west for 210 m, walk past Stefan and Adina’s memorial cross cross (on your left) and turn right to descend to Popii valley. Follow the well defined path downhill 710 m, veer left and continue 365 m down the forest road  to the forest road on Popii valley. Turn left on the road and 400 meters further walk past an information board for Schleif/Cernit hill. Walk along the road for 280 meters and get to the barrier on the road on Popii valley. Walk past the Romanian church on Soimilor street and get on Caragiale street (intersection with the blue stripe trail that climbs to Malaiesti, in the Bucegi Mountains).


Braşov - Poiana Mică - Valea Sticlăriei - poiana Schiorilor - şaua dintre Râşnov şi Poiana Braşov - Râşnov




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Braşov - şaua dintre Râşnov şi Poiana Braşov - Râşnov in Braşov, Postavaru, Piatra Mare, Baiului is an easy/medium hiking trail.
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