Touristik Label - 206MN31: Cabana Buta - Vf. Piule - Vf. Pleşa - DN66A


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From Buta Hut, along with trail 30 (yellow dot), cross the brook and walk around the enclosure of Buta sheepfold (to the right), then climb on a grassy edge to enter the forest. The gentle walk on the contour line takes you to a large meadow, with a signpost in the middle. At the edge of the meadow cross Buta Mica brook (water supply!) and get back into the forest, getting ready for a gentle ascent. Get closer to the bottom of Gurganul steep slope, where the forest makes room for dwarf pines, alder and other shrubs. Here, after an old signpost, there are two variations of the trail. One changes direction to the right and climbs the debris slope, then continues between dwarf pines to Scorota (Iepei) Saddle, where there is another rusty signpost. The yellow dot descends to Scorota sheepfold, and you climb to the left, past several small peaks up to Piule Peak, where you reach the maximum elevation on this trail, marked with a metal pole. The other - not recommended in winter or as descent - climbs directly to Piule Peak through a steep dale. From Piule Peak follow Piule-Plesa Ridge to the SE. You do not climb the first peak, but walk around it (to the left) at the bottom of a steep limestone slope (Piatra Alba). Then walk along a narrow knife-like ridge with dwarf pines up to a 100 m long back. After a steep descent get to another knife-like ridge covered with lush vegetation that looks terrifying but which can be crossed in good weather conditions, first on the top, and then on the right hand side, on some grassy ledges. Walk around a large cluster of dwarf pines (to the right) and soon the ridge becomes broader with wide meadows that you cross without any problems, even if the marking is scarce. The last peak along the ridge is Plesa Peak, marked with a big cairn and offering a wide panorama over Jiu de Vest Valley. After this peak the ridge suddenly ‘falls’ and you descend through beautiful meadows sprinkled with dwarf pines and spruce fir to an abandoned sheepfold. Here, turn 90 degrees to the right and enter the forest for the final descent. Approximately 350 m further down, get to a meadow with a spring at its end. Next, there is a steep descent through the spruce forest and then through the leafy forest. Get to another meadow and to Dalma Mare hermitage. From here, continue on the forest road and occasionally walk past wayside crosses (there are 5 down to the end). The last one is by DN66A national road, next to a bridge, where the trail ends and which can be used as a landmark for those who walk backwards, as the arrow is less noticeable.


Cabana Buta - Şaua Scorota - Vârful Piule - Vârful Pleşa - DN66A




Trail markers are scarce and less visible, especially around Plesa peak. The trail is dangerous in winter.


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Cabana Buta - Vf. Piule - Vf. Pleşa - DN66A in Hunedoara, Retezat is a medium hiking trail.
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