Touristik Label - 902MN20: Cabana Curmătura - Vf. La Om - Podu Dâmboviţei


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The trail starts from Cabana Curmatura hut (1470 m) (intersection with Trails 10, 11, 17, 18, 19, 21) to Saua Crapaturii saddle. Walk up (northeast) on the trail with wooden steps and then below a cave wall and climb (northwest) to Saua Crapaturii saddle (common route with Trails 11 and 21). Next to the saddle, there is a balcony with a panoramic view of Zarnesti, Valea Crapaturii valley and Muntii Persani mountains. Trail 11 continues ahead (north) and Trail 21 to the right (east). Turn left (northwest) to Varful Turnu peak (1923 m). Walk past a rocky crest on a narrow ledge and reach Saua Curmatura saddle (above “Locomotiva” cliff). Continue climbing through the deforestation (125 meters north-west and 80 meters north) to the first scree on the trail. After 30 meters on the contour line on the scree, turn left and start climbing on the hollow equipped with nine cables. The ascent is demanding and the route goes through hollows and rocky corridors, past rocky ledges, with an exposed passage at the ninth cable, continues on the ridge with dwarf pines to the panoramic viewpoint (1863 meters). Here you come across Trail 13. On the ridge, climb through the dwarf pine corridor for another 50 meters altitude difference to Varful Turnu peak (1923 m) (intersection with Trail 14). This is the starting point of the northern ridge of Piatra Craiului. Hike along the ridge trail, first on the eastern slope of the ridge, through the dwarf pine corridor, then right on the ridge line. Cross a few patches of forest and after 700 meters (slightly uphill) reach Saua Padinii Inchise saddle (1936 m) (intersection with Trail 10). Trail 10 descends to the right (west) to La Gavan spring and Refugiul Diana mountain hut, and to the left (east) to Cabana Curmatura hut (1470 m). Climb through the dwarf pines and through the forest and after another 250 meters reach Varful Padina Popii peak (2018 m) (intersection with Trail 15). Continue on the ridge between dwarf pines and after about 400 meters get to the rocky area. Walk up a chimney, continue on the rocky ridge and after 60 meters cross for a short period of time on the western side of the ridge, where there is an area equipped with a cable. Follow the rocky trail for 500 meters and start climbing on the scree, on tight switchbacks, to Varful Ascutit peak (2150 m). Walk on the contour line below the peak and reach the hemispherical mountain hut, Refugiul Ascutit / Carol Lehman (2130 m). The intersection with Trail 17 coming from Cabana Curmatura hut through Padinile Frumoase (1470 m) is 30 meters further. This is the starting point of the alpine ridge of Piatra Craiului. Walk along the contour line for about 300 meters and then through a chimney and a wide serpentine takes you to Varful Timbalul Mare peak (2177 m). One of the fantastic organ-walls of Piatra Craiului deepens to the west into the secondary stream of Padina Calinetului. You can see Orga Mare on the left slope of Padina Calinetului. Descend to 2107 m in the secondary stream of Padina Calinetului, walk past the peak between the two saddles on the eastern slope, to Saua Calinetului saddle and then climb to Varful dintre Timbale peak (2172 m). Descend through the rocks and on a shiny exposed ledge to a small saddle (Valea Podurilor valley forms to the west) and then climb on the western slope and on the ridge to Varful Timbalul Mic peak (2210 m). Descend an inclined chimney to a narrow saddle (2150 m) on the ridge. After a series of inclined cracks and chimneys, you get to the first Clai (haystacks) on Piatra Craiului ridge, a series of peaks located between 2100 and 2200 meters. After about 600 meters, walk past Varful Sbirii peak (2220 m) on the eastern slope and descend a chimney on the western slope to a wide contour line through the upper part of Caldarea Ocolita corrie. Walk below Varful Caldarii Ocolite peak (2202 m) to 2200 m altitude in the last saddle and start the ascent to Varful La Om / Piscul Baciului peak (2238 m), the highest peak in Piatra Craiului Mountains. From the pole on the top (intersection with Trail 24) descend 260 meters along the ridge line to the hemispherical mountain hut, Refugiul Grind 2 (2206 m). After 35 meters, reach Saua Grindului saddle where you come across Trail 1 which goes up through La Lanturi area from Refugiul Spirlea mountain hut. This is where the northern part of Piatra Craiului ridge separates from the southern part. From Saua Grindului saddle, climb a few switchbacks on the southern slope of the main ridge to Varful Coltii Grindului peak (2197 m), above Hornurile Grindului to the east and Umerii Pietrei Craiului to the west. From here, continue on Coama Lunga (2100 m), hike through several short chimneys, past some crosses located on the ridge, and after 1.6 km reach the area above Padina Pancii and Poienile Inchise. The trail follows the grassy eastern slope, past Varful Lespezi peak (2142 m) and Varful Pietrei peak (2098 m) and then among dwarf pines past Varful Valea lui Ivan peak and get on Varful Funduri peak (1951 m). This is the last imposing peak before Saua Funduri saddle. From the ridge, descend through dwarf pines on an alveolar ledge (with steps) and soon reach the signpost from Valea Urzicii valley (intersection with Trails 5 and 25). Continue the descent (65 meters altitude difference, 25% slope) on the ridge line to Saua Funduri saddle (1889 m). Walk eastward for 20 meters, Trails 5 and 16 remain to the left, and turn south on Muntele Pietricica mountain. Walk for 180 meters below the ridge, through the forest, and get to the first panoramic view on the edge of the western walls of Pietricica Mountain. After 60 meters, get to the second viewpoint and after another 300 meters get to the place called "La arsura" (1820 m). Walk below the ridge, through the forest, descending through an area of fallen trees (40 meters altitude difference) to the first large clearing (north of Varful Pietricica peak). Markings are quite rare and the path continues through the western part of the meadow, at the edge of the forest. Walk past Culmea lui Casota on the upper part of the meadow and reach the plateau of Varful Pietricica peak (1764 m). The trail goes right on the steep edge (wide panoramic view of Iezer-Papusa Mountain and Valea Dambovitei valley) and from the peak, it suddenly turns left (east ) through a wide meadow (200-meter descent through the meadow). Descend through the forest (250 meters altitude difference) and fallen trees and reach a hunting lodge. The trail turns right through the meadow which hosts the hunting lodge and gets back into the forest at the western end of the meadow. Descend 1.5 km through the forest with fallen trees and some small meadows. At 1490 m altitude, get to a large meadow and after a slight climb reach the fence on the north side of Poiana Pietricica meadow. Walk for 380 meters to the center of the meadow, to Stana Pietricica sheepfold (intersection with Trail 31). The path slightly descends to the south, leaving Varful Gruiul Mirii peak (1582 m) to the right (1.8 km distance, 240 meters altitude difference). It is difficult to follow the path as markings are very rare and the fallen trees make it hard to move forward. At about 1300 m altitude, there is an area with many fallen trees in all directions and very high which vegetation which makes orientation impossible. Walk along the southern part pf this area and the marked path turns left and gets on Stana Zapodie ridge. Reach the sheepfold and go down along its fence to the main gate and veer left through the meadow, immediately entering the forest to the right below Varful Pietricelei peak. When you leave the meadow, Trail 30 continues ahead. Turn right onto a tractor road which goes on the contour line round Muntele Plaiul Mare mountain (1172 m) and descends on the wide ridge of this mountain to the meadows of Muntele Plaicu mountain. Turn right through the stables of the sheepfold and when you get to the lower part of the meadow, start a gentle descent through Poienile Plaicului meadows. Get to an inclined hollow (100 meters altitude difference) and continue descending (150 meters altitude difference, 20-22% slope). The descent is demanding and gets you to an altitude of 830 m, above the first houses in Podul Dambovitei village. Get out of the hollow and descend on the contour line to 760 m altitude, at the entrance to Cheile Dambovicioarei gorge (intersection with Trail 29).


Cabana Curmătura (1470 m) - Şaua Crăpăturii (1580 m) - Vf. Turnu (1923 m) - Vf. Ascuţit (2150 m) - Refugiul Ascuţit (2130 m) - Vf. La Om (2238 m) - Refugiul Grind 2 (2206 m) - Şaua Grindului (2195 m) - Coama Lungă - Şaua Funduri (1889 m - Vf. Pietricica (1764 m) - Plaiul Mare - Podu Dâmboviţei (760 m)




Rare trail markers between Poiana Pietricica meadow and Podu Dambovitei 


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Cabana Curmătura - Vf. La Om - Podu Dâmboviţei in Braşov, Argeş, Piatra Craiului is a hard hiking trail.
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