Touristik Label - 302MN01: Cabana Plaiul Foii - La Lanţuri - Şaua Grindului


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From Cabana Plaiul Foii hut, Trail 36 makes the connection with the town of Zarnesti. At the intersection, you come across Trails 3, 4 and 5 and continue on them upstream to Barsa Tamasului for about two km, up to the junction between Barsa Tamasului and Paraul Runcului streams. Trails 3, 4, 5 veer to the right, climbing to Plaiul Mare (located between Barsa Tamasului and Paraul Runcului streams) to Curmatura Foii saddle (1367 m). Walk along Barsa Tamasului (southeast), Valea Vladusca valley remains to the left, and after about 20 minutes the forest road turns right on Barsa Tamasului. Leave the stream of this valley and turn left on the path in Valea Spirlea valley (signpost). After 20-25 minutes of increasingly steeper climb on the left slope of the valley (right as climbing), leave Spirlea valley and climb for 15 minutes to Refugiul Spirlea mountain hut (1440 m altitude) on Muchia Spirlei ridge. After a 5 minute climb, a fallen tree marks the beginning of the 40-50 meter unmarked trail to Sipotul Spirlea (Izvorul de sub Spirlea spring). Warning: this is the last water source along the trail! After 10 minutes, reach the meadow of Refugiul Spirlea mountain hut. From the hut, climb for 10 to 15 minutes (southeast) past a small meadow with an open view of the western wall of Piatra Craiului ridge and reach the intersection with Trail 35 (which comes from the south). Turn left and walk uphill through the forest, past a rocky step and reach the foot of the scree after 10 minutes. On the right side of the scree (climbing direction), the narrow switchback footpath takes you to a small saddle (1620 m altitude). After about 50 meters on an unmarked path to the right, you get to a panoramic viewpoint of Marele Grohotis. From the saddle, the marked trail on the left reaches the area below Zaplaz in 5 minutes (1640 m), an area of overlapping arches carved into the rock by water and wind erosion. Walk over a rocky step at the foot of Zaplaz and climb behind it using the first chain provided (of many others), which gives the name of the trail: "La lanturi" (The chains). From here to the ridge, the footpath is called Drumul lui Deubel (Deubel's road), in the memory of Friedrich Deubel (1844-1932), the mountaineer who was the first to climb down this way. Climb to the saddle above Zaplaz and on the earth steps gradually gaining altitude. Walk past the second chain and after getting out on a rocky crest, follow a series of three chains that ease the steep climb. After an upward curve to the left, walk past another chain and get to a saddle which opens into a deep corrie (20-25 meters deep). Descend on the right wall using another chain and reach the base of the corrie. The route continues with two more chains ahead. At about 45 degrees to the left, you can see a large cave, maybe a good refuge in case of bad weather. Continue using the chains and climb the chimney with good handholds (support points) and get into a less inclined area with grass and scree. The path continues to the left to a small saddle with a signpost (the entrance to the southern part of Braul de Mijloc is to the right), where you make a big curve and climb to the right, above the cross dedicated to the three friends who disappeared in an avalanche in 1987 (at an altitude of about 2000 m). Walk round another rocky ridge and the entrance to the northern part of Braul de Mijloc remains to the left. Walk up the winding path on a rock wall (you can see the ridge above) and follow the path south on a slightly upward contour line for about 150 meters. Make a sharp turn to the left over rock slabs and after about 100 meters reach the foot of the final chimney. Markings lead you through the chimney (Note : do not enter Braul de Sus!) and the last chain takes you out to 2195 m, where you come across Trail 20 (ridge trail).


Cabana Plaiul Foii (849 m) - Refugiul Şpirlea (1440 m) - La Lanţuri - Şaua Grindului (2195 m) 




Very rare trail markers on Barsa Grosetului valley, rare markers on Barsa Tamasului to the intersection with Trails 4, 5 (common with Trails 3, 4)


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Cabana Plaiul Foii - La Lanţuri - Şaua Grindului in Piatra Craiului, Braşov is a medium/hard hiking trail.


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