Touristik Label - 604MN07: Cheia - Vf. Gropşoarele - Cabana Vf. Ciucaş


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The trail starts in the center of the resort in front of Cheia Hotel. Follow the paved road to the south-east and after 200 meters walk past the gym, then after another 130 meters walk past the Museum of Mine Flowers, and in 70 meters leave the asphalt road in a curve to the left. Walk straight ahead on the dirt road, leave the Museum of Anthropology to the left and after 150 meters on the asphalt road turn left on the street that leads to Cheia Monastery (170 meters). Continue on the street on the left side of the monastery, along Pensiunea Medina, beside the forest, for 700 meters and then between the houses for about 600 meters to DN1A (entering Gropsoarele Valley) (intersection with Trails 7 and 8). To follow Trails 7 and 8 walk on the asphalt road to the right for 15 meters and there is a signpost on the left side of the road. Enter the spruce forest, follow the trail markers to the east and in 280 meters cross Zaganu creek. Climb 50 meters to Zaganu forest road, cross it and start the 1 km constant climb to Piscul Turistilor peak. Walk past two temporary streams along the way. At an elevation of 1,100 m enter Buzaianu ridge and begin the ascent to the northeast. The trail climbs gently and continuously for 50 meters difference in elevation (1.1 kilometers) to the point where Trail 8 leaves to the right towards Poiana Stanii meadow. The path is smooth and goes up to Buzaianu ridge and after 800 meters (150 meters difference in elevation) it reaches the bottom part of Zaganu meadow, the end of the path through  the forest. For the first time, you can see the steep slope of Zaganu. Climb 400 meters through the meadow up the Zaganu sheepfold, where you can shelter if needed. From the sheepfold, continue 170 meters through the meadow to Coltii Zaganului and turn right eastward between the last young pines. The path climbs steeply (800 meters in distance, 200 meters difference in elevation) to a saddle where there is a signpost. Here, the path makes a sudden change in direction 90 degrees to the left and begins to climb below Zaganu walls. Walk past the origin of Sipotelor stream and climb to the saddle between Culmea Zaganu ridge and Coltul Vanatorului (1,700 m). Change direction 90 degrees to the right and climb below the rock walls on the first stream of Izvorul lui Carstocea. After a steep 200-meter climb (60 meters difference in elevation), get to the saddle of the origin of Paraul Sterp brook (1,760 m) (intersection with Trail 10). Change direction north to Zaganu Peak. From here, climb the rocky peak on the right side. Follow the path for 290 meters to the first rock window, walk through it and after a small rocky dale reach another window called Podul/Poarta de Arama (Brass Gate/Bridge). You can easily recognize it by means of the signpost next to the rock window. A slight descent and then a climb take you to the third rock window, followed by an exposed passage equipped with a solid cable. After this section, descend 80 meters to a small saddle and then start climbing a rocky dale to Gropsoarele ridge. The continuous ascent takes you up on Gropsoarele Peak (1,883 m), the highest peak on Zaganu-Gropsoarele ridge. Continue along the the ridge, descending on its western slope down to an elevation of 1,850 m, where two metal weather stations remain to your left. Continue on the slope to the point called "La Rascruce" (At the Crossroads, 1,805 m) (intersection with Trails 18 and 19). Trail 18 joins you to Gropsoarele saddle (1,663 m). The path marked with metal signposts descends along the alpine meadow for 1.1 km (150 meters difference in elevation). The ridge line becomes clearer only for the last 400 meters before Gropsoarele saddle. Trail 18 continues to the right to Curmatura Stanii saddle. Turn 90 degrees to the left (west) towards the wide corrie of Berii Valley. Descend on the contour line (approximately 35 meters difference in elevation, 270 meters in distance) and turn right on the forested spur towards Chirusca saddle (1,567 m). Follow the ridge to the west, through meadows or clumps of spruce, and walk around the dry hollows at the origin of Berii Valley. After a 30-minute walk from Chirusca saddle, reach Ciucas Hut (1,595 m). Trails 1 and 14 are on your right and Trails 4 and 5 are on your left.


Cheia (865 m) - Piscul Turiştilor - sub Vf. Zăganu (1817 m) - Vf. Gropşoarele (1883 m) - Șaua Gropşoarele (1665 m) - Cabana Vârful Ciucaş (1595 m)




Accessible from Poiana Zaganu meadow to Gropsoarele saddle only to well-trained tourists and mountaineers  


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Cheia - Vf. Gropşoarele - Cabana Vf. Ciucaş in Braşov, Prahova, Ciucaş is a medium/hard hiking trail.
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