Touristik Label - 1215MN03: Mita Village – Colbul Valley – Dalbidan Meadow – Mount Viisorul

Mita Village – Colbul Valley – Dalbidan Meadow – Mount Viisorul (Red triangle)

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The trail starts at the tail of Colibita Lake, in Mita village, in front of the village shop, at an elevation of 800 m. The first 6.5 km are common with trail 4 (blue triangle), a well-maintained forest road that climbs gently on Colbul Valley. At km 8.3 a bifurcation is reached. Straight ahead, the road continues to a former mining operation, and to the left it goes to Prislop Meadow. The trail enters the forest through the two forest roads, followed by a steep climb of approx. 1.3 km between trees, but also through a deforestation where the marking is scarce. Then take the 300 m very steep and dangerous climb on rocks, but which does not require climbing equipment. At the top of the cliffs, at an elevation of 1500 m, a beautiful panorama opens towards Colibita Lake on one side and Bistricioru Peak on the other. The ascent continues for another 500 m and gets to the intersection with a forest road that descends to the left to Prislop Meadow. The trail, however, turns right on the forest road, and after another 300 m on a flat section, it enters Dalbidan Meadow (1650 m). There is a spring in the meadow, approx. 100 m to the left. Go back into the forest and after 400 m reach the intersection with the main ridge trail, trail 1 (red stripe) on Mount Viisorul.


Trail 3 (Red triangle) is the connecting trail between the tail of Colibita Lake (Mita village) and the main ridge trail of the Calimani Mountains (trail 1 – red stripe), crossing Bistrita Valley and continuing to get near Bistriciorul Peak.

Text: Trail 3 (Red triangle) is the trail connecting Colibita Lake and the main red stripe ridge trail, following a well-maintained forest road along Colbul Valley, then climbing steeply over rocks to reach a lookout point and continuing up to Dalbidan Meadow, from where it reaches the intersection with the main ridge trail of the Calimani Mountains (trail 1 – red stripe). This is a demanding trail in a climb across an elevation difference of over 1000 m. It is an approximately 5-hour hike.

Situated within only 50 km of Bistrita, between the Calimani Mountains and the Bargau Mountains, Colibita Lake fascinates with its beauty. It is an oasis of quietness that the mass-media calls ‘the sea between the mountains’ due to its tourist potential, the healing properties of the ozone rich air and the piscatorial legends. Approximately four decades ago, the location of the current lake, which resulted from the construction of the Colibita Dam (inaugurated in 1986) on the course of the Bistrita Ardeleana River, belonged to the village of Colibita, its name inspired by the ‘huts’ set up by the first shepherds, which turned the picturesque place into a village. The lake resulted from the flooding of the old settlement, which marked the locals, generating numerous legends about the curses of the lake due to the flooding of the church and graveyard. Situated nearly 1 km up, at the ‘tail of the lake’, Mita village was chosen as the new location. At present, Colibita is recognized as a tourist resort.

Mita village is the starting point of many of the tourist trails around Colibita Lake. Thus, starting in front of the village shop, the red triangle trail shares sections with trail 2 (red triangle) and trail 4 (blue triangle). Within approximately 6.5 km, you split away from the blue triangle marking (trail 4) and continue along the well-maintained road on Colbul Valley.

At a crossroads (within approximately 8.3 km), you go into the forest and climb steeply between the trees, then through a deforested area (featuring scarce marking), until you reach the bottom of some rocks, which impose a very steep and dangerous climb requiring caution, yet not the use of climbing gear. Your efforts are rewarded fittingly by the view toward Colibita Lake to one side and Bistriciorul Peak to the other.

As you continue your climb, you reach a forest road leading to Dalbidan Meadow (1650 m), where a spring can be found (within approximately 100 m). From the meadow, the path goes into the forest once more and reaches the intersection with the main ridge trail of the Calimani Mountains (trail 1 – red stripe) on Mount Viisorul. From here, you can either continue toward Bistriciorul Peak (1990 m) or descend back to Mita village (via Tehra Saddle (in a loop) along the red triangle marking (trail 2).


After leaving the forest road, all the way up to the rocky area (about 1.3 km) there is a portion through a clearing, where the trail markers are scarce.


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Mita Village – Colbul Valley – Dalbidan Meadow – Mount Viisorul in Bistriţa-Năsăud, Călimani is a medium hiking trail.


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