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The red stripe trail marker stretches along the main ridge of Rodna Mountains from east to west, on almost 58 kilometers. The trail begins in Pasul Rotunda pass (1277 m) in the east and ends in Pasul Setref pass (817 m) in the west. Rotunda Pass separates Rodna Mountains from Suhard Mountains and it can be reached from the road connecting Sighetul Marmatiei to Vatra Dornei (DN 18), from Valea Bistritei Aurii valley traversing an unpaved part of the road to the south (4.4 km, on DN17D). If coming from the south, from the village of Valea Mare (DN17D) located on Valea Somesului Mare valley, follow the unpaved part for 15.6 km. Cabana Pasul Rotunda hut (the property of Rizea family) is in the center of Rotunda meadow. On the right side of the road, coming from the north, there is a pole marking the beginning of the red stripe trail. From Pasul Rotunda pass start on the pastoral road to the west, that continues close to Saua Gajei saddle. First, cross a patch of forest, walking almost horizontally, then the road slightly climbs towards the north-west. Soon after getting out of the forest, walk past two sheepfolds which are close one to another. In this section, the road has some switchbacks. You do not follow them, but climb directly through the pasture. Soon, the sheepfolds are left behind and you go around the southern side of Varful Nichitas peak following the same road, now located on the west side of Culmea Prelucile ridge. Once you walk past Varful Gaja peak (1847 m) located to the north, you can observe to the west, south direction, the ridge of Dealul Negru. Here, there is a bifurcation. Throughout this time you can admire the trio of Rosu, Ineut and Ineu peaks, oriented east-west. Next, leave the road to climb a short distance to the north to the ridge, to Saua Gajei saddle (1789 m). The road remains below and it ends after a few hundred meters. The distance from Pasul Rotunda pass to Saua Gajei saddle is 9 km (about 3 ½ hours). From this saddle, the red dot trail starts (Trail 9), which is a short connection route, going to Lala Mare lake (about ½ hour). From the saddle, follow the path marked with red stripe that first climbs along the contour line to avoid the dwarf pines. After this portion, go back to the edge and begin to climb a steeper portion until you reach a saddle. Walk past the saddle and continue the constant climb that only subsides on the last portion, before Varful Ineut Peak (2222 m). From the peak, the blue cross trail goes to the east (Trail 26) over Varful Rosu Peak, descends to Complexul Valea Blaznei and then to Sant village. You descend the west side of the peak on the ridge trail and get to Saua Ineutului saddle (2060 m). From here, the blue dot trail goes to the north (Trail 2). It's good to know that if you follow it for five minutes you reach a spring, and there is a campsite on the shore of Lacul Lala Mica lake (20 minutes). From Saua Ineutului saddle continue uphill, to the west, with a short detour to the left, and after 10 minutes reach Saua Cu Lac saddle (2120 m). A signpost indicates the blue dot trail to the south (Trail 24), to the town of Rodna (via Muntele Harosu mountain and Saua Curatel saddle). From Saua Cu Lac saddle turn towards the north-west and in a short while, there is a bifurcation. A red stripe trail climbs to Varful Ineu peak (2279 m), another continues along the contour line, past the southern side of the peak, to Saua Ineului saddle. Varful Ineu peak dominates the eastern half of Rodna Mountains, with a panoramic view of the surrounding massifs on a clear day: Maramures Mountains, Suhard Mountains, Rarau Mountains, Calimani Mountains, Bargau Mountains, etc. Continue on the contour line and walk past the mountain hut below Ineu, the only shelter along the entire ridge of Rodna Mountains, fully restored in the fall of 2013. The trail that now descends to Saua Ineu saddle (2110 m) will soon be heading to an unnamed peak and descends to Saua Bila saddle. From here, climb Varful Tomnatec Peak (2051 m) and then descend to the west. After that, walk past a short but difficult rocky area on the southern part of the ridge, a knife-like part of the ridge. Slowly walk past it and climb Varful Coasta Neteda peak (2060 m) and then descend westward to Tarnita lui Putredu (1959 m). From here, to the left, south, the blue triangle trail (Trail 25) unfurls on Muntele Cisa ridge. If you follow it, you will reach the village of Valea Vinului. From Tarnita lui Putredu, the trail follows the ridge, sometimes on the southern slope, at the bottom of a steep slope, then reaches Varful Cisa peak (2039 m). The rocky peak remains to the north and after about 30 minutes of walking descend to Saua Cisa saddle (1959 m). Varful Omului peak (2135 m) is in front of you, remaining only a few meters above you (on the left). From the peak, the main ridge changes its direction northwards. Keep this direction to Varful Gargalau peak (2135 m). The path on the eastern slope, crossing a flagstone area, takes you over Varful La Cepi peak (2102 m) to the west side of Varful Claii peak (2117 m). A gentle ascent approaches Varful Gargalau peak. Varful Gargalau peak continues north with Piciorul Oancului ridge. Gradually turn to the west and return to the north west to reach Saua Gargalau saddle (1907 m), which is marked by a wooden pole. Here, walk across the blue stripe trail (Trail 4) which climbs from Borsa resort to Poiana Stiol meadow. A little to the west, reach the former mining road (grassy). From here, the trail is common with the blue cross trail (Trail 16). It descends to the town of Anies, along the valley with the same name. Camping is allowed close to Saua Gargalau saddle, to the south, in the area called La Izvoare. From the saddle, follow the grassy path to the west, on the contour line, and after a short climb on the south side of Muntele Cailor mountain (1931 m) reach Saua Galatului saddle (Curmatura Galatului saddle). The road mentioned above continues to the saddle, then continuing on the northern slope. It is where you come across the blue triangle trail (Trail 6) that ascends from Borsa along Valea Negoiescului valley. The ridge trail further climbs Varful Galatului peak (2048 m) and then slightly descends to the west, on the slightly wavy ridge, reaching Saua Laptelui saddle (1943 m). From here, the red stripe trail moves on the northern slope to avoid the imposing peak, Varful Laptele Mare (2167 m). It goes around it and reaches the wide saddle of Saua Puzdrele (2035 m). Further continue to the west and then slightly descend to the west-southwest where you come across a grassy road coming from the east-southeast. It is the yellow stripe trail from Valea Aniesul Mare valley (Trail 22). Cross a n area with dwarf pines and get to Tarnita Barsanului, a long and wide saddle. Have a break here to admire the high ridge of Buhaescu Mare - Pietrosu Mare (northwest direction) and Varful Negoiasa peak nearby. Walk around the latter, on its northern side, on an easy path, without steep parts. The narrow ridge remains to the left, with Negoiasa Mica and Negoiasa Mare rocky peaks. The path gently climbs through dwarf pines over Piciorul Negoieselor edge and then slightly descends to Tarnita Negoieselor. At its end, move to the south, on a grassy path that takes you to Saua Intre Izvoare saddle (1820 m). It is where the yellow cross trail (Trail 21) and the red dot trail (Trail 19) ascend from the south. After a few minutes, reach the place called La Carti, where the layered rocks resemble some books. There is a good spring here and camping is allowed. Walk ahead and get to a bifurcation. Here, the main trail has two possible routes. One that goes around Varful Cormaia and Varful Repede peaks (to the north), and another that climbs them, the two routes coming together in Saua Obarsia Rebrii saddle. The first one crosses the glacial corrie called Zanoaga Catanilor, camping spot with springs, then turns left and constantly climbs to the above mentioned saddle. The second consists of a moderate climb through the grassland, on a poorly visible path. Reach Varful Repede peak (2074 m) at its end. Then, descend to a saddle and climb Varful Cormaia peak (2033 m). Descend the summit to the north, to the rocky ridge, walk past the rocky Varful La Catani peak (on its left side). Soon reach Saua Obarsia Rebrii saddle, where you come across the route that crossed Zanoaga Catanilor. There ais a junction here: blue stripe (Trail 17) and red triangle (Trail 18) trails. From Saua Obarsia Rebrii saddle, walk around Varful Obarsia Rebrii (to the west), in a gentle climb and then descend to Tarnita La Cruce (1981 m). From here, the blue triangle trail continues to the south (Trail 13) and the blue stripe trail to the north (Trail 7). There are two options if you want to reach Varful Batrana peak from Tarnita La Cruce: one of them is along the ridge, on the southern slope of Rebra and Gropilor peaks, and the other one is along the southern slope, on the road following the contour line. Start climbing slightly to the right, towards the northwest. This trail is accompanied by the main ridge trail and by the blue stripe trail (Trail 7). Climb a rocky crest and then continue on a grassy crest, to reach Varful Rebra peak (2119 m). From the peak, change direction to the west and descend to the saddle between Rebra and Gropilor peaks. There are some short narrower parts along the climb to Varful Gropilor peak, resembling a knife-like ridge. From Varful Gropilor peak (2063 m), continue the descent through the pasture, where the path is barely visible and the trail marker is almost completely missing. Descend to the road that avoids this portion. Walk on the road, past an area with dwarf pines, and reach Tarnita Batranei (1759 m). The grassy road, which is almost flat, takes you to the west, and then to the south. Here and there, you will see signposts. Shortly before Saua Batranei saddle, you come across the red dot trail (Trail 12). Go west and in a few hundred meters reach Saua Batranei saddle (1679 m), where you come across the red triangle trail (Trail 11). Walk around Varful Batrana peak, to the north, and leave the alpine area, approaching the spruce forest on Obcina Pietrii. Follow the rough wagon road through the forest leading to Pasul Pietrii pass (1196 m), where you come across the unmodernized road that connects Romuli to Moisei. From this intersection, after about 1.5 km, the trail enters an elongated meadow, known as Preluca de sub Piatra, with a sheepfold in the middle. Cross the meadow on the contour line, diagonally, following a grassy path, and continue to the west on the road below Varful Muncelul Raios peak (on its southern side). After the peak, get out of the forest and walk below a sheepfold, re-enter the forest and when then come out into a larger meadow. There are several watering troughs for animals. This place is called La Valaie. This is where you come across the blue triangle trail (Trail 10). From La Valaie (northwest), the trail follows the ridge covered with hayfields to Varful Capul Muntelui peak (1194 m), gradually descending through meadows with sheepfolds and hamlets towards Pasul Setref pass. There are also cairns alongside this part of the trail. In the pass, come across the national road (17C) and Hanul lui Patru inn.


Pasul Rotunda (1277 m) - Şaua Ineuţului (2060 m) - Şaua Gărgălău (1907 m) - Tarniţa La Cruce (1981 m) - Pasul Şetref (817 m)




In winter, folow the mathematical ridge.


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Pasul Rotunda - Pasul Şetref in Maramureş, Bistriţa-Năsăud, Rodnei is a hard hiking trail.
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