Touristik Label - 103MN17: Sângeorz-Băi - Vf. Craiu - Vf. Ţapului - Şaua Obârşia Rebrii


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It is good to know that this is the hardest trail on a southern ridge. Statistics show that there are no less than 33.5 km from Sangeorz-Bai resort to the intersection with the main ridge, with a total ascent of almost 3000 m. Therefore, the main ridge trail itself is characterized by higher numerical values. The ascent to the ridge starts from Sangeorz-Bai. Close to the center of the town, turn left from DN17D towards the resort. Walk along the streets without any trail markers. The signpost indicating the starting point of the trail is next to the resort’s park. Farther, there are some trail markers, mostly on power posts. Leave the paved road and continue on the unpaved alley. ATTENTION! The marked alley continues ahead, follow it for a short while and then the trail markers disappear. The fact that the trail marker is on this route is actually a mistake! The correct trail is on the alley going to the right and climbing the ridge, taking you through houses and seasonal settlements to Culmea Garciului ridge (891 m). On the saddle, change direction to the west towards Buza Chicerei. There is a road on the ridge, with high power posts with blue stripe trail markers at the bottom (quite small). The road takes you along the ridge past a few summer hamlets belonging to the villagers of Parva. Walk past two intersections with ridge roads. Your direction is north-west. Only change direction when you come across the road that climbs Muntele Lucurel mountain, with seasonal and permanent farms of the residents of Parva. Walk ahead and walk along the northern side of Poiana Maguricii meadow and soon get to an area with many forest roads. This continues up to the alpine area. Trail markers are very rare, disappearing together with the deforestation in the area. The trail climbs north and north-east to a spring located just below the road, and then descends quite steeply to a saddle below Magura Sangeorz. Immediately after this descent, climb back the same elevation, on the forest roads, until you get to the alpine area, where you walk north along ridge road and reach the sheepfold below Varful Dusilor peak. There is a good water source in the area. From the sheepfold, in about 10 minutes, you finally reach the ridge and Varful Craiu peak is in front of you. You have been walking for almost 4 hours from the start. Continue north to the main ridge, with successive ascents and descents. Walk past Varful Craiu peak (1659 m), Varful Scarisoara peak (1692 m) and steeply descend (north-east) to Tarnita Scăricelei. The path is not always clear, and trail markers are very rare. From Tarnita Scaricelei, walk past Detunata, Bulgarel and Paltinului peaks (1750-1790 m high). From Varful Paltinului peak (1787 m), La Mijlocul Plaiului crest continues to the west towards Valea Rebra valley. Walk around Paltinului peak on a shepherds’ path (east) to a spring and further to Saua Zanelor saddle, where you come across the blue cross trail (Trail 17), coming from Valea Obarsia Rebrii valley, a tributary of Valea Rebra valley. There is a wooden cross and a signpost on the saddle. There is a sheepfold on the southeastern part of the saddle, just below this point. From Saua Zanelor saddle, start a long climb (500 m altitude difference), first to another peak with the same name, Paltinu (1792 m), and then to Varful Pietros peak. This is one of the two peaks over 2,000 m in altitude on a southern ridge. Flagstones mark the vicinity of the peak. There is a beautiful view of the peaks on the southern ridge (to the east), the main ridge, and the western ridges. From Varful Pietros peak, descend to a saddle and climb Varful Tapului peak (2044 m). You are getting closer and closer to the main ridge, but you still have to climb one more high peak (1955 m), without a name. From this last peak, descend to a saddle and come across the red triangle coming from Valea Cormaia valley (Trail 18). The two trails and the red stripe (Trail 1) meet on Varful Cormaia peak. In about 20 m, get to Saua Obarsia Rebrii saddle (2002 m).


Sângeorz - Băi - Dealul Gârciului - Poiana Măguricii - Vf. Craiu (1659 m) - Vf. Pietros (2004) - Vf. Ţapului (2024 m) - Şaua Obârşia Rebrii (2002 m)




The trail is inaccessible in winter in Varful Paltinu peak area and Varful Cormaia peak area. Attention! Rare trail markers throughout the entire route and the path is barely visible in some alpine areas. There are also parts where orientation problems might occur in bad weather.


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Sângeorz-Băi - Vf. Craiu - Vf. Ţapului - Şaua Obârşia Rebrii in Bistriţa-Năsăud, Rodnei is a hard hiking trail.
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