Touristik Label - 310MN01: Tureni - Piatra Secuiului - Cabana Râmeţ - Platoul Ciumerna - Poiana cu narcise de la Negrileasa


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The red stripe trail starts from Cluj-Napoca (Colina area in Manastur neighborhood), crosses Feleacu Hill, approaches the right slope of Tureni Gorge and then it crosses A3 motorway on an overpass. From here to Turda Gorge, trails 1 and 31 share the same route. Upstream of Turda Gorge you cross Hasdate Valley, climb along the forest and then walk along Petresti Ridge through an area with hay fields and bushes. From the New Petrid Monastery, turn to the left (SW) and descend to the road that runs parallel to the Aries Valley. Follow the road to the bridge over Aries. Walk along DN75 national road for less than 1 km, cross the village of Moldovenesti and then a forest. Get onto a barren hill and after an area with meadows and clumps of trees, climb into the saddle between Piatra Secuiului (Szekely Rock) and Coltii Trascaului (Trascau Fangs) peaks. If you have time, you can make a deviation and climb one of the peaks. Return to the trail, walk along the contour line for a short while and then start a steep and demanding descent through the forest on the north side of the massif. On leaving the forest, the slope softens and you continue on a small road in the northern part of the village of Rimetea. Walk along DJ107M national road up to the center of the village, where there is a large square with a high-speed spring that is extensively used by the locals and the visitors. The village is a candidate for inclusion in UNESCO world heritage list, with beautifully preserved white houses, guest houses, museums, souvenir shops, two churches and other sights. From Rimetea, climb westward through the grassy terraces, and after about 1 km, turn left on one of them. Walk past a high hill, then go round a valley along the contour line and walk past Rimetea spring. After another ridge, continue downward through a beautiful area with large and scarce trees. Reach the road that goes along Paraul Muntelui brook and follow it alongside trail 7 (blue circle) until you get to a meadow. From here, climb through the forest on a dirt road and reach a meadow where you come across trail 5 (blue stripe). Continue through a young birch forest and get onto Bedeleu plateau, where you walk towards a signpost with 4 arrows, marking the intersection of trails 1, 4 and 5. Continue south along the plateau and have a break on a large meadow, close to a small stone cottage. Nearby, there is a stone cross and a spring further down, place called La Rogoaze. This is where you come across trail 3 (yellow stripe) and continue together along Bedeleu plateau. After the two routes separate, you reach an area with meadows, forest and bushes, where you must carefully follow the trail markers. The parting from trail 5 (blue stripe) is discretely marked on a tree, but you soon need to follow the trail on a small road that you walk along for a long time. The road grows bigger and continues gently, without difficult ascents and descents, crossing patches of forest or open areas. Walk round Dealul Secului Hill, which deserves its name (sec = dry, empty), then through Vicesti hamlet, cross Floresti hamlet and continue past some houses that belong to Valea Inzelului village. From here, make use of the trail marking pillars positioned in key places. Walk through a patch of trees, then through meadows and small orchards until you reach DJ107I national road in a hairpin-curve. Continue on this road for less than 400 m and reach a bus stop where you descend among the households in Valea Uzei village to Ramet Hut. From Ramet Hut, follow DJ750C national road for less than 1 km, thus crossing the short section of Cheile Manastirii Gorge. Get to a new crucifix, leave this road and climb along a group of huts. Cross a beautiful forest and get to Fata Pietrii (rock’s face) hamlet. Go up to the place called Jiju, located on the interfluve between Geoagiu and Galda valleys. From here, follow the road that descends alongside the power poles and use a shortcut along these poles. After walking somehow along the contour line, past houses and thatched sheds, you leave the pillar route and descend on a small road past a newly built high winter stable to Cetea valley, where you get to DC76 village road. From here, there is a winding ascent through the houses of the village of Raicani, along other power poles. Reach a larger road that follows the contour line and follow it until you come cross trail 19 (red triangle). Walk along the edge of the forest for about 300 m and descend to DJ107K national road through a forest of beech and oak. Continue on this road for more than 1 km, cross the creek and start to climb. At first, climb on a small river bed, then shortly on a forest road, which you leave for a path that climbs the ridge. Here, you have a great view of the photogenic silhouette of Piatra Bulzului rock. Walk past several shelters used by livestock farmers, some solid and other improvised. Once you reach trail 20 (blue triangle) coming from the village of Cricau, ascend to Piatra Craivii rock, first through the pasture with scarce big trees, then through the forest. Come across trail 19 (red triangle) in a meadow and a signpost indicates the way up to Piatra Craivii rock on Trail 21 (blue dot). Walk along the beautiful interfluve between Cricau and Bucerdea valleys, on a small winding road through scarce oak trees, round Sfredelasul Peak (the left side of the peak, SW). Leave trail 19 (red triangle) and continue through a wooded area, then through a clearing and get out into a beautiful plateau with juniper shrubs. There is another forest section, more thick, where the trail overlaps a well-maintained road that helps cross the forest more easily. On leaving the forest, there are some sheepfolds built of modern materials, followed by a succession of meadows and patches of forest or clearings, and beautiful stretches with scarce big trees in the proximity of Ciumerna plateau. After the intersection with trail 17 (yellow cross), the road continues on the limestone plateau, past sinkholes, sheepfolds and through a forest past two wooded peaks. Walk round Muncelului Peak (left side, SW) through meadows where you are guided by posts fit where necessary. Enjoy a view of Caprei gorge to the south. A household remains to your right and you continue on the trail marking on the ridge above it. Further, there is a long and beautiful journey with alternating pastures and stands of forest. The trail overlaps forest roads and it is very clear. The forest is now one of spruce trees. A good road comes from the village of Mogos and you soon reach Negrileasa meadow. Just 5 minutes more and you reach the newly built cottage with the same name. When the season is right, one can admire the meadows covered with daffodils (nature reserve).


Tureni - A3 - Dl. Petridului - Ch. Turzii - Măn. Petridului - V. Arieșului - Moldovenești - Piatra Secuiului - Rimetea - Izvorul Rimetea - Pârâul Muntelui - Platoul Bedeleu - Florești - DJ107I - Valea Uzei - Cabana Râmeţ - Cheile Mănăstirii - Faţa Pietrii - Răicani - Valea Galda - lângă Piatra Bulzului - lângă Piatra Craivii - lângă Vf. Sfredelașu - Dealu Hulmurilor - Platoul Ciumerna - lângă Vf. Muncelului - Pădurea Mlaca - Poiana cu narcise de la Negrileasa




Trail marking no longer visible in Cluj County. On the last section of the trail, you come across the old blue stripe trail marking.


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Tureni - Piatra Secuiului - Cabana Râmeţ - Platoul Ciumerna - Poiana cu narcise de la Negrileasa in Cluj, Alba, Trascău is a medium Hiking trail.


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