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From Zarnesti , go west on Toplita street and 50 meters after the last house leave the car road on Valea Barsei valley (Trail 36) and go along the wide road that gently goes up on the northern slopes of Piatra Mica mountain to Valea Crapaturii valley (together with Trail 11). After 700 meters, walk past the first stone cross and 1.7 km further, there is another stone cross and a very good water source. The wide road temporarily turns into a footpath going through bushes and solitary trees. After 40-45 minutes from the starting point, cross the road for articulated forest tractors (TAF), walk round the last wooded crest and get to Valea Crapaturii valley. Trail 11 remains to the left down the waterline, going up on Valea Crapaturii valley to the saddle bearing the same name and then to Cabana Curmatura hut (1470 m). Walk up on the left bank of Valea Crapaturii valley and five minutes later Trail 13 remains to the left (approximately 950 m). Walk up on the tractor road, through the wide meadow, below Padina Chicerii and after 1.2 km we reach the spring (the last water source for the next 3-4 hours) before Coltul Chiliilor meadow. Go past Schitul Coltul Chiliilor hermitage, along the fence on the mountain side (there is a sign panel with a map), climb near the forest and take a wide curve to Saua Chiliilor saddle (1100 m). Here, turn left towards the steep western slope of Piatra Craiului, and after a constant climb through the forest, following the markings, you come across Trail 14 (1170 meters altitude) which goes up on Padina Sindileriei to Varful Turnu peak (1923 m). Keep on climbing through the forest and when you get to 1234 meters, walk below a group of rocky walls, on tight switchbacks through the forest, and get to Poiana Curmatura Prapastiilor meadow (1510 m) (two hours from the hermitage). This is where the hemispherical mountain hut is, Refugiul Diana (connection with Trails 6 and 15). Climb up the north slope of Muchia Dianei, through the forest, and then on a high ledge that leads to a rocky crest above the depths of Padina Inchisa. To the north, you can see Orga Mare a Pietrei Craiului edge (the right side of Padina Inchisa). Follow the wall undulations and, using the cable, go down in the secondary stream of Padina Inchisa. After the second rocky ledge, climb the walls and get at the foot of the scree on the north wall of Muchia Dianei. Carefully climb the first part of the scree, to the end cross a rocky ridge to the east and continue on the second part of the scree to La Gavan spring (1880 m), one of the high altitude water sources in Piatra Craiului Mountains. When you reach the spring, turn left, walk below Saua Strunga Izvorului saddle (1890 m) from the upper part of Padina Popii, and climb through the dwarf pines for half an hour to Saua Padinei Inchise saddle (1936 m) (connection with Trail 20). Cross the ridge on the east side, walk along a short ledge of about 100 meters to the southwest and descend on a hollow full of scree, quickly losing altitude (40 meters altitude difference in 15 minutes). At 1880 m altitude, turn left and enter the forest. After a 480 meter steep descent (200 meters altitude difference) below the eastern walls of Varful Padinii Inchise peak (1952 m), turn right and continue the steep descent through the forest (50% slope). After 30 minutes, get out on Cabana Curmatura hut platform (1470 m). Turn right and walk alongside Trails 17, 18 and 19 for 30 meters. Continue south on Valea Curmaturii valley for 500 meters (90 meters altitude difference), on a road for articulated forest tractors (TAF) and climb 20 meters up on Muchia Curmaturii edge (below Stana Curmatura). From here, descend 1.8 km (200 meters altitude difference). At an altitude of 1150 m, the newly marked path makes a sharp turn to the right, descends on a water channel, after about 100 meters makes a sharp turn to the left and after 20 meters turns right and descends 60 meters to the main road in Prapastiile Zarnestilor gorge. The old marking continues from 1150 m down the edge, after 40 meters turns left to a stream, descends along the stream to an old sign panel (where there is a beautiful panoramic view of the south wall of Prapastiile Zarnestilor gorge) and after 170 meters down (30 meters altitude difference) descends to the same point at the main road. Walk along the road for 175 meters (east), surrounded by 30-40 meter high walls, turn south for about 500 meters and come across Trail 12 which goes up to the right towards Cheile Pisicii gorge. There is a triptych to the right. Descend through Prapastiile Zarnestilor gorge, between its vertical walls (go past rock climbing routes: Pin Pin , MCM, Surplomba and Arcada) to the barrier (900 m) (2 km, 120 m altitude difference). Walk along the road and after 670 meters come across Trail 23 (no signpost ) and after one more kilometer reach Fantana lui Botorog spring (intersection with Trails 11, 22 and 23). From here, continue on the road for 1.6 km to Cabana Gura Raului hut, then 1.7 km on Raului street (to the intersection with Avram Iancu street), then right direction for 50 meters and left direction along Vladusca river (flowing from Prapastiile Zarnestilor) and on Avram Iancu and Dr. Tiberiu Sparchez streets to the center. Continue on Mitropolit Ion Metianu and Tudor Vladimirescu streets and reach Zarnesti train station after 1.3 km. 


Zărneşti (722 m) - Şaua Chiliilor (1100 m) - Refugiul Diana (1510 m) - Brâna Caprelor - Şaua Padinei Închise (1936 m) - Cabana Curmătura (1470 m) - Prăpăstiile Zărneştilor - Fântâna lui Botorog - Cabana Gura Râului (750 m) - Zărneşti (722 m)




Rare trail markers between the starting point for the trail and the intersection with Valea Crapaturii valley (common area with Trail 11). The trail is inaccessible in winter between Refugiul Diana mountain hut and Cabana Curmatura hut


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Zărneşti - Brâna Caprelor - Zărneşti in Piatra Craiului, Braşov is a medium/hard hiking trail.
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