Looking for trail proposal for 10 -14 days


Hey there, 

I am really happy to have found muntii-nostri! 

My girlfriend and I are planning to hike in the carpathian mountains this summer. 

We plan to do some "shorter" trails like the ridge tour of the Muntii Fagaras, but we also want to do one longer hike where we can enjoy a lot of solitude. We really want to experience the carpathian wildlife and ancient forests. But we can't find a lot of information on longer kinds of trails (10-14 days). 

I thought of hiking in the Muntii Maramuresului (where I imagine to find a lot of beautiful forests), maybe starting at Viseu de Sus and then walking towards Muntii Rodnei (maybe passing by Cascada Cailor). I imagine a lot less forest and more mountains in the Muntii Rodnei so I thought a hike through the Muntii Maramuresului and Muntii Rodnei would be a good idea and it would also be possible to stretch the hike as long as we want, but it would definitely be possible in around 10 - 14 days. 

Is there a known trial that is similar to the one i described? 
And do you think that hiking in the Muntii Maramuresului and Muntii Rodnei is a good idea, if we are looking for solitude? (I assume that Viseu de Sus and the Cascada Cailor will be visitied by a lot of peopl, especially in august..)? 

Or do you know of any other tours that you can recommend? 

Thank you for the great platform!!!