Touristik Label - 103MN07: Borşa - Vârful Pietrosul Rodnei - Tarniţa La Cruce


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The blue stripe trail starts on the second street on the right, past the town hospital, towards Borsa – Borsa Tourist Complex. The road follows P. Pietroasa to the bifurcation towards the hermitage in the area. Here, turn to the right and start climbing on Piciorul Mosului secondary ridge. The forest road first takes you through beautiful meadows with panoramic views of both the town of Borsa and the highest peak in the Eastern Carpathians (Pietrosu Peak). Slowly but surely you come closer to the forest and the road becomes increasingly steeper and rougher. Occasionally, several paths split away from the road (shortcut-unmarked) cutting through the switchbacks. After almost 2h30 you get closer to the end of the dirt road. There are several buildings belonging to the weather station as you get into Iezerul cirque. The marked path takes you between them, then between dwarf pines and then onto the path that gently climbs towards Iezer Lake. Behind the lake, the cirque is bordered by steep walls and the steep path zigzags up to the ridge. Iezer Lake, with its shape closely resembling the map of Romania, is clearer and clearer with each switchback that you climb. The last one takes you on the ridge, just a stone's throw from Pietrosul Peak. The ascent becomes more gentle and after 10-15 minutes you reach the elevation of 2,303 m on the highest peak in the Rodna Mountains. On the last section before the top, there is an area equipped with cables that is not meant to indicate a difficult route but to separate the ridge from the surrounding steep slopes. The former building of the weather station is on the top. It can be used as a shelter in case of bad weather. Go down the same way, back to the saddle and continue towards Buhaescu Mare Peak through Pietrosul Saddle. Before starting the climb to the top, you can see Buhaescului tarns to the east. The path marked with a blue stripe runs below Buhaescu Mare, on the west side. You are going to climb Buhaescu Mic and Rebra peaks. On the latter you reach the intersection with the red stripe trail, the main ridge trail, but you descend to Tarnita la Cruce. 


Borşa - Staţia meteo Iezer - Vârful Pietrosul Rodnei - Tarniţa La Cruce


The trail is inaccessible in winter between Iezer Lake - Pietrosul Peak.


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Borşa - Vârful Pietrosul Rodnei - Tarniţa La Cruce in Maramureş, Rodnei is a medium Hiking trail.
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