Touristik Label - 1201MN09: Buşteni - Poiana Pichetul Roşu - Cabana Mălăieşti

Malaiesti Hut is perhaps the most beloved cottage in the Bucegi Mountains. Malaiesti is a resting place up at the intersection of spectacular trails. The amphitheater layout of the glacier cirque makes you feel that the place is protected and has a special charm. The trail starts from Caminul Alpin Guesthouse, reaches Costila Meadow, a clearing with wonderful views over the Bucegi Mountains, from where it continues to Morarului Fangs and further on via Take Ionescu Trail.

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From Busteni train station climb to Caminul Alpin (on Morarului Street), follow the path through Munticelu plain and cross the streams of Costila and Galbena valley to reach Costila Meadow. Cross Valea Cerbului meadow and continue on the contour line through the forest, with gentle ups and downs, to reach Pichetul Rosu Meadow. Climb left on ’Take Ionescu’ trail to Malaiesti Hut, cross Bucsoiu Meadow, continue up to a grassy spur below the eastern ridge of Bucsoiu Peak, leave the trail that leads to Bucsoiu Peak and Omu Hut to the left, and continue through an area equipped with chains and wooden footbridges and climb to Malaiesti/Prepeleac Saddle (1,780 m). Descend on the contour line and over a rocky threshold equipped with a chain, cross another area equipped with chains and reach Malaiesti Hut.


Buşteni - Căminul Alpin - Poiana Coştilei - Poiana Pichetul Roşu - La Prepeleac - Cabana Mălăieşti


Malaiesti Hut is located at an elevation of 1,720 m, in the northern part of the Bucegi, at the bottom of a glacial cirque on the glacial valley bearing the same name. The latter lies as an amphitheatre between Bucsoiu Mare Peak, Scara ridge and Padina Crucii knife-like ridge, and it is thus understanable why it looks like a fortress and where it takes its beauty from. Once you get into the cirque, you get a sense of tranquility, enjoying the last part of the route and the reunion with other mountaineers. People play the guitar in the evening and there is plenty of joy. You will ask yourself when to come back as soon as possible. The cottage is open permanently and there is a Mountain Rescue service near the cottage that offers help when needed.

The 12 km long trail is very popular among both tourists and climbers and skiers, going round the mountain at an elevation of 1,400 – 1,700 m (north-eastern part of the massif). From it, other trails split to guide tourists to important sights in the areas of Costila, Omu, Morarul and Bucsoiu peaks. In winter, the route is very dangerous and difficult on the section between Pichetul Rosu and Malaiesti, called Take Ionescu Trail.

From Caminul Alpin guesthouse (925 m) the trail leads you to the west, in a gentle climb through the forest along Plaiul Munticelului. Next, an unmarked trail veers to the left to Alba Valley and Costila Mountain Hut, and crosses the area called La Masuratoarea Ursilor (1,310 m), then crosses Costila and Galbenelelor valleys and reaches Costila Meadow (1,360 m) (Busteni – Costila Meadow 2½ h).

The meadow located at the foot of the mountains is a wonderful place where you can admire the imposing mountain that seems to be at a stone’s throw and where you can have a break. Above the forest stands Santinela Vaii Cerbului Peak, and in the back, the steep slope of Costila, Malinului Valley and the great wall of Galbinele ridge. There is no water source in the meadow, only higher above to Coltii Morarului mountain hut. There is a summer sheepfold at the northern end of the meadow (pay attention to shepherd dogs!).

The trail soon overlaps a short ridge, beyond which lies Valea Cerbului Meadow. After a short descent you reach Valea Cerbului Meadow (1,310 m) road (connection to trail 10 to Omu Hut). Continue through the forest on the contour line with several easy climbs and descents and after 1-1¼ hours reach Pichetul Rosu Meadow (connection to trails 11 and 20) Trail 11 (red stripe) comes from Gura Diham Hut, while Trail 20 (red dot) climbs from Diham Hut to Omu Hut (Busteni - Pichetul Rosu: 3 hours) .

From Pichetul Rosu the trail continues below the steep slope of Bucsoiu and crosses several dales, the difficult parts alternating with easy ones. In 30-40 minutes you get to Bucsoiu Meadow. Continue uphill, cross Rea Valley and enter Take Ionescu Trail, equipped with chains and wooden slats and climb to Malaiesti Saddle / La Prepeleac (1,780 m). This is the intersection with the trails to Omu Hut (connection with trail 11). From here you can see Diham and Malaiesti huts.

Descend on the contour line and over a rocky threshold equipped with a chain, we cross a wooden footbridge (equipped with a chain) and after 10-15 minutes reach the inferior cirque of Malaiesti Valley, where Malaiesti Hut is located.


Inaccessible in winter on the section between Pichetul Rosu and Malaiesti.


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Buşteni - Poiana Pichetul Roşu - Cabana Mălăieşti in Bucegi-Leaota, Braşov, Prahova is a medium/hard hiking trail.
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