Touristik Label - 1202MN04: Cabana Plaiul Foii - Cabana Dragoş Băjan - Cojocaru


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The trail starts from Cabana Plaiul Foii hut (849 m) and the route is common with Trails 1, 3 and 5 to the intersection of Barsa Tamasului and Paraul Runcului rivers (about two kilometers on the road on Barsa Tamasului). At the barrier marking the entrance to Valea Spirla valley, Trail 1 remains to the left and you continue on Plaiul Mare (located between Barsa Tamasului and Paraul Runcului) to Curmatura Foii saddle (together with Trails 3 and 4). Climb a few hundred meters on the road for articulated forest tractors (TAF) to a small meadow and then start a long and tiring ascent on the TAF road, through the deciduous forest, to Plaiul Mare. Follow the curves of the road which becomes narrower and after 200 meters altitude difference reach a wider dirt road (about 1100 m). This road will take you up on Plaiul Mare ridge (1335 m) where Trail 3 turns right on the TAF road. Continue (alongside Trail 5) on the ridge, to the left, to Curmatura Foii saddle (10-15 minutes). In the saddle (1368 m), come across Trail 35 (which makes the connection with Fagaras Mountains), Trail 7 continues ahead on Valea Tamasului valley and you continue south (together with Trails 5 and 35) to Capu Tamasului peak (1507 m). Walk past an area with fallen trees, along the western slope of the previously mentioned peak and get below Curmatura Otetelea saddle to Izvorul Otetelii spring (important water source!) (about 40 minutes from Curmatura Foii saddle). The slightly upward contour line takes you 30 meters higher (about 30 minutes) to Poiana Tamasel meadow (1437 m). Trail 34 continues to the right (on Piciorul Tamasel crest) to Cabana Garofita Pietre Craiului hut, Trails 5 and 35 continue to the left towards Umerii Pietrei Craiului. The contour line takes you round Valea Seaca a Tamaselului corrie to the origin of the stream where there is a temporary spring. Walk through an area with thick vegetation and rare markings on the left side (south) of the valley. Walk round Valea Seaca a Tamaselului corrie, cross Piscul Padinei Lancii and then the stream of Padina Lancii and reach the intersection with Trail 33 at an altitude of 1358 m. Trail 33 comes from Cabana Garofita Pietrei Craiului hut along Padina Lancii stream. Walk alongside Trail 33 (about 230 meters) until it leaves to the left going through the forest towards the southern end of Marele Grohotis (about 1380 m). Climb the slightly upward contour line (about 50 meters altitude difference), then descend for about 20 minutes and come across Trail 8 coming from Marele Grohotis over Piscul cu Brazi. Descend some switchbacks and then the slightly upward contour line and reach Crucea Granicerului cross (intersection with Trail 9). Descend into the valley between Piscul Granicerilor and Muchia Valea lui Ivan edge towards Valea Urzicii valley (about 600 meters away, 150 meters altitude difference). Get to a large meadow along Valea Urzicii stream. From the signpost in the middle of the meadow, turn left towards the forest and descend to a hunting observation platform and then, on a wide road, reach Cabana Dragos Bajan hut (formerly Valea lui Ivan) (1090 m). Turn west downstream as indicated by a signpost and descend through the forest on the forest road coming from Valea Urzicii valley to a larger forest road descending from Valea cu Apa valley. Reach a closed barrier and then the bridge over Valea Dambovitei stream (Cojocaru village) (connection with Iezer-Papusa Mountain).


Cabana Plaiul Foii (849 m) - Curmătura Foii (1367 m) - Crucea Grănicerului - Cabana Dragoş Băjan (Valea lui Ivan) (1130 m) - Cojocaru (Valea Dâmboviţei)




The trail is inaccessible in winter between Prepeleag and Saua Funduri saddle. Rare trail markers on Barsa Tamasului (common with Trails 1, 3) to the intersection with Trails 1, 5; rare trail markers between Saua Tamasel saddle and the intersection with Trail 33; rare trail markers in the area of Cabana Dragos Bajan hut (Valea lui Ivan)


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Cabana Plaiul Foii - Cabana Dragoş Băjan - Cojocaru in Piatra Craiului, Braşov, Argeş is a medium hiking trail.
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