Touristik Label - 1203MN03: Complexul Turistic Borşa - Cascada Cailor - Pasul Prislop


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From Borsa Tourist Complex, the trail takes you a little to the south on the road along Fantana creek. It makes its way between households, urging you to taste the waters of a mineral spring (borcut), it continues past a natural whirlpool, subsequently turning into a tractor road. On the right, you can see the former marble quarry. As the valley remains to your right and becomes a dry valley, gently climb to the bottom of the deforested slope. To the west, you have a panoramic view of the rocky walls of Piatra Rea Nature Reserve. The road joined by trail markers soon reaches the bottom part of Cailor Waterfall, where there is a road coming from the east, connecting the ski slopes in the area to the waterfall. Throughout the year, the limestone walls of Piatra Rea Nature Reserve are polished by the wate (over 80 m) of Cailor Waterfall. From the waterfall, the trail climbs quite steeply towards Stiol Meadow (about half an hour) and the intersection with the blue stripe trail. At this trail junction, there is also a crossroad: one road goes to the west, to the sheepfolds in Caldarea Cailor cirque, one goes to the north-east and continues to Izvorul Bistritei Lake, and another road goes to the south-east to Prislop Pass. The third road is also accompanied by the red triangle trail that continues from Stiol Meadow below Stiol Peak (1,611 m) in a very smooth descent. The farther you move from the way out of Stiol Meadow, the closer you get to the forest. Nevertheless, the road gives you several chances to catch a glimpse of Gargalaul or the rest of the main ridge to Ineu. The smooth descent continues to the part where you get above Prislop Pass, with switchbacks on a barren earthy slope, a future ski slope. From above, you can see Prislop Monastery, the sheepfold situated at a short distance from it, and DN18 national road, the main link between Maramures and Bucovina provinces. Before reaching the asphalt road, the trail goes through the yard of the monastery under a beautiful traditional wooden gate typical for this area. There are several buildings on other side of the national road, including Alpina Hut. The trail ends in Prislop Pass (1,416 m), one of the highest in the Carpathians, where you can have another panoramic view of the main ridge of the Rodna Mountains.


Complexul Turistic Borşa - Cascada Cailor - Poiana Ştiol - Pasul Prislop


The trail is inaccessible in winter between Cailor Waterfall - Stiol Meadow.


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Complexul Turistic Borşa - Cascada Cailor - Pasul Prislop in Maramureş, Bistriţa-Năsăud, Rodnei is a medium Hiking trail.
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