Touristik Label - 103MN04: Complexul Turistic Borşa - Poiana Ştiol - Şaua Gărgălău


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The starting point for the blue stripe trail is the chairlift in Borsa Tourist Complex next to Cerbul Hotel. There is no signpost marking it so you simply start the gentle ascent along the ski slope on Runcu-Stiol Ridge. You will be climbing from 852 m to an elevation of ~ 1,500 m at the end of the cable car. Immediately after the ski lift station, there is a place where you can buy hot drinks in winter / cold drinks in summer. The mountain rescue building is on the right side. So far, there has been no trail marker along the way. Close to the mountain rescue building, there are some signposts indicating trails towards Cailor Waterfall and Stiol Lake. Take the trail towards Stiol Lake leaving the above-mentioned building behind. In a few tens of meters, leave the grassy area between the two slopes and turn right. The road descends through the forest to the waterfall and you suddenly veer left from the road onto a narrower one. If you look carefully, you can distinguish some old blue stripe trail markers on some trees. The gentle ascent on the dirt road and then the grassy road takes you above the forest. From time to time, you will be tempted to have a break and taste the blueberries, raspberries and blackberries along the way. The last part of the grassy road takes you to Stiol Meadow. To the right you can see the trail that ascends from Cailor Waterfall and a bit higher you get to the intersection with the road that goes to the sheepfold in Cailor cirque. Keep walking south and follow the road up to Gargalau Saddle. From time to time you can see trail markers, but it's good to know that the rocky trail leaves the road that goes towards the sheepfold in the area. The clear path leads you higher between dwarf pines (wide and well maintained path), crossinf the waters of a creek several times. If you want, you can leave the marked trail for a few minutes to reach the bank of Izvorul Bistritei Lake source. Walk past the dwarf pines and climb west on the contour line, with Gargalau Peak to the left back and Gargalau Saddle to your left. Pay attention as there is an unmarked path that splits from the marked path, climbing directly to Gargalau Saddle. The path that you have to follow goes west and, as soon as you reach the ridge, make a sudden left turn and after about five minutes reach Gargalau Saddle. In the saddle, there is a wooden pole and some barely distinguishable arrows indicating the intersection with the red stripe trail and the blue cross trail that goes to Anies Valley (south-west).


Complexul Turistic Borşa - Poiana Ştiol - Şaua Gărgălău


The trail is inaccessible in winter between Izvorul Bistritei Lake - Gargalau Saddle.


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Complexul Turistic Borşa - Poiana Ştiol - Şaua Gărgălău in Maramureş, Bistriţa-Năsăud, Rodnei is a medium Hiking trail.
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