Touristik Label - 703MN02: Gura Lalei - Lacul Lala Mare - Şaua Cu Lac


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The trail starts from the place called Gura Lalei (1,028 m), from DN18 road (Sighetu Marmatiei –Borsa – Prislop – Carlibaba – Vatra Dornei). From the asphalt road turn right on a concrete bridge over Bistrita Aurie River and follow the forest road along Lala Valley for 6 km, to the place called La Valtoare (To the whirlpool). Walk the next 1.5 km on a tractor / wagon road. After about 20-25 minutes, get to a bifurcation. The path marked with blue dot continues on the right bank of the river, through the forest, and as you climb, the road remains to the right. In less than one kilometer, the path gets out of the forest into a meadow located on both sides of the river. Keep walking on the right side of the river and after approximately 250 m reach a derelict barn (only the roof remaining). Walk past it and get back into the forest, still on the right bank of Lala Valley, soon starting a more constant climb. The marked trail takes you out of the forest once again, into a meadow with fallen trees, blueberry bushes and the stone foundation of a former or future construction (sheepfold, shelter). You have been walking for ~ 1¼ - 1½ hours since you left the forest road. The forest is now replaced by dwarf pines and the path continues along the right bank of Lala rivers. After a quarter of an hour, you get up to a beautiful waterfall and cross the river to the other side (left bank), to the south, to then reach Lala Mare Lake. This is the largest glacial lake in the Rodna Mountains, at an elevation of 1,815 m. In the eastern part of the lake you get to the intersection with the red dot trail that descended on the contour line from Gaja Saddle. The path continues its ascent to Ineut Saddle (going around the lake, to the south), on the switchbacks above the lake, to the south, along the next glacial crest. To the right, you can see Lala Mica Lake and ahead, Ineut Saddle that you zigzag up to (the last section) and reach the intersection with the main ridge trail (red stripe trail). Once you reach the red stripe trail marker, the two trails run together to Saua Cu Lac Saddle.


Gura Lalei - Lacul Lala Mare - Şaua Ineuţului - Şaua Cu Lac


The trail is not approved. The trail is inaccessible in winter between Lala Mica Lake - Ineut Saddle - Cu Lac Saddle.


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Gura Lalei - Lacul Lala Mare - Şaua Cu Lac in Suceava, Bistriţa-Năsăud, Rodnei is a medium Hiking trail.
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