Touristik Label - 605MN54: Poiana Braşov - Prăpastia Lupului - Vf. Postăvaru


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The trail starts from Trail 39, opposite the police station. Climb 135 meters on the ski slope and turn right through the forest. Walk for 500 meters (11.2% slope) and get to the side of the ski slope (1,100 m), turn right and gradually climb for 300 meters. Trails 51 and 53 head off to the left. Continue along the contour line for 300 meters until you get to a stream in a wide valley. There is a variation of the trail that descends 500 meters to the right to Kanzel cable car station. The original route continues up 115 m (18.1% slope), crosses Sulinar ski slope and then climbs 50 meters (26.1% slope) to Lupul ski slope. Climb the slope for 90 meters and then through the forest for 240 meters and reach the intersection with a dirt road. Turn left and gradually climb 180 meters to a resting place and the viewpoint from Prapastia Lupului edge. Turn left and climb 180 meters to the intersection with a wide path with a large boulder in the middle. Turn right and 100 meters further get back onto Lupul ski slope. Walk up the ski slope 125 meters and turn left through the forest. Continue 125 meters (24.7% slope) and walk past a water station and a spring and climb 30 more meters (27.8% slope) to return to Lupul ski slope. Cross the ski slope, climb some wooden steps and 40 meters further (23.7% slope) get to a wooden railing. Turn right and then left after 120 meters. Walk 560 meters to a forest road, continue 85 meters along the road to the left and then keep the same direction for 460 meters until you get close to Lupul ski slope. Turn right beside a wooden railing and 60 meters further come across Trail 60. Turn left and walk for 150 meters (24.5% slope) to the intersection with Trails 38 and 49 that come from Crucuru edge and cross Sulinar ski slope. Turn right and walk alongside Trails 38, 49 and 60. The six switchbacks take you up 435 m (18.2% slope) to Postavaru/Julius Romer hut (1,604 m). From the hut, the unmarked route of Trail 38 heads off to the left towards Ruia meadow, and Trail 38 veers to the right towards Trei Fetite meadow. Climb 150 meters to the east and get onto a variation of Lupul ski slope. Climb 150 meters along the slope and turn left off the ski slope. Climb 180 meters (17.9% slope) over two wooden steps through the forest and get out on the side of the slope. Turn right, climb 120 meters on the right side of the ski slope (22.2% slope), walk past a wooden toilet on the side of the slope and climb to the cable car’s dirt road. Turn left and walk 20 meters to the cable car’s end station. Descend to a small saddle, walk past Postavaru mountain rescue hut (on your left) and climb over the peak in front of you to the transformer. Follow the path in the same direction and 260 meters further away get out of the forest. Climb 65 meters along the edge of the forest, turn left and 30 meters further reach the upper end of Kanzel cable car station. Turn right and walk along the ski slope for 100 meters, walk past a signpost (on your right) for Trail 49 and follow the ski slope to the left along the ridge. Continue for 170 meters and walk past the relay station and 80 meters further walk past the end of Postavaru ski lift. Walk for 40 meters and walk past the old cable car station and 85 meters further walk past the television relay. Continue for 65 meters and reach the saddle below Postavaru peak (intersection with Trail 49). Continue straight ahead for 70 meters along a rocky area equipped with metal bars and reach Postavaru peak (1,799 m).


Poiana Braşov - Pârtia Sulinar - Prăpastia Lupului - Cabana Postăvaru - Vf. Postăvaru




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Poiana Braşov - Prăpastia Lupului - Vf. Postăvaru in Braşov, Postavaru, Piatra Mare, Baiului is a medium hiking trail.
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