Hiking on Ciucarul Mare - the most beautiful view of the Danube Gorge and Dubova Bay

One of the most beautiful areas in Romania is the gorge formed by the Danube as it cuts deep into the Carpathian Mountains.
 Drumeție pe Ciucarul Mare – cea mai frumoasă priveliște cu Cazanele Dunării și Golful Dubova



On the Romanian side, the Danube Gorge is bordered by Ciucarul Mare massif and on the Serbian side by Veliki Strbac massif. The Danube Gorge (The Great Gorge and The Small Gorge) is 9 km long and it is the most spectacular part of the Danube from the source to the mouth. The best place to embrace all this beauty is on Ciucarul Mare.




In order to get there, follow the yellow triangle marking from the edge of DN 57 national road near Dubova, on what is called Ciucarul Mare Loop Trail. In about 30 minutes you reach the first view point over The Great Danube Gorge, which also marks the end of the climb.


The view is impressive, but what's more spectacular is still to come!


Continue on the path on the edge of The Small Danube Gorge, with the Danube below you.








Short deviations to the right give you the opportunity to see more dramatic landscapes: this impressive river that pierces the massive rock walls of the two countries' shores. After an hour and a half from the starting point, you reach the last viewpoint along the loop trail, the one towards Dubova Bay. Here, the Danube seems to pour out its anger following the constraint caused by the Great and the Small Gorge and creates this superb bay near Dubova.





From here, you go back to the national road to the left, following the same yellow triangle marking until, at some point, you reunite with the path you climbed on.


On the way back, the path is cut in such a way to see the mountains ahead. So you do not forget the beautiful place you are leaving.




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