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MN04 - The map of CIUCAS Mountains 2nd edition

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Ciucaș Mountains are the undisputable proof of the greatness of nature’s monuments, this is the reason why they just couldn’t be missing from Schubert & Franzke Muntii Nostri collection, where they can be found under the sign MN04.

A hiking trip through the Ciucaș Mountains is a getaway through beautifully sculpted mountain crests, where the wind and the rain have left their marks with the passage of time. So as not to miss any important touristic sight and get the best possible views, the Schubert & Franzke hiking map can be a loyal travel companion to take along the way.

The Ciucas Mountains is part of the Curvature Carpathians, in the Eastern Carpathians. It is located east of the upper streams of Teleajen and Tarlung rivers. It is bordered by Tataru and Siriu mountains to the southeast and east, Intorsura Depression and Intorsura Mountains to the north and Grohotis Mountains to the west.

The highest peak is Ciucas Peak, 1,954 m. Other peaks are Gropsoarele (1,883 m), Bratocea (1,844 m) and Zaganu (1,817 m). The mountains consist of two main ridges, Ciucas - Bratocea ridge (SW-NE alignment) and Gropsoarele - Zaganu ridge (NW-SE alignment), joined by Chirusca mountain saddle. Ciucas - Bratocea ridge represents the western part of the mountain, divided into two sections separated by Tigailor saddle. Ciucas is the northern section, with Ciucas Peak (1,954 m) as the highest point, Bratocea being the southern section, more than 5 km long. Gropsoarele - Zaganu ridge is over 4 km long, with a monotonous landscape to the north, Gropsoarele Peak (1,883 m) being the highest point.


The map of Ciucas Mountains (MN04) is the 4th map of the new Muntii Nostri collection.

The map was edited using the latest mapping techniques and it was printed on moisture resistant paper. It is easy to read and simple to use due to the mapping styles, specific to Schubert & Franzke company, and as a result of practical information structuring. It is handy and everything is exactly where it should be. The map is useful for both hiking enthusiasts and professionals.

All the trails have been recorded in the field using a GPS. They are described in detail in both Romanian and English. Each trail has a technical box containing with necessary information. The map also contains the UTM grid, a projected coordinate metric system useful in the quick measurement of distances on the map.

The application created for iOS and Android will dissipate the nostalgic aura of the map, giving the product the technical complexity required for this century.

Enjoy this map up on the sunny peaks of Ciucas Mountains, scrutinizing the horizon for the neighboring peaks, which will soon give the names of the following maps of Muntii Nostri hiking map collection.


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Magazin Altisport, Cluj-Napoca Bd. 21 Decembrie 1989 nr.7/9 (str. David Francisc colţ cu str. Brassai în spatele Magazinului Sora), 0264 590 743,

Librăria de Arta Guadeamus, Cluj-Napoca str. Iuliu Maniu nr. 3, 0264 439 281,

Magazin Craimont, Bucureşti Calea Mosilor nr. 84 sector 3 (vis-à-vis de Biserica Răzvan), 0749 200 919 / 021 315 40 75,

Magazin Gamontec, Baia Mare Str. 1 Mai nr. 12, 0262 215 694

Librăriile Humanitas, Bucureşti, Braşov, Cluj-Napoca, Galaţi, Iaşi, Oradea, Alba Iulia, Piatra Neamţ, Ploieşti, Sibiu, Râmnicu Vâlcea, 021 408 83 50,

Librăria Bastilia (Librarium Grup), Bucureşti Piaţa Romană nr. 5, 021 315 43 14,,

Librăria Sun Plaza (Librarium Grup), Bucureşti Calea Văcăreşti, Sun Plaza Shopping Center Et. 1,,

Librăria Cartea de Nisip (Librarium Grup), Timişoara str. Victor Vlad Delamarina nr. 1 (Colt cu Alba -Iulia), 0256 433 094,,

Librăria Book Corner (Librarium Grup), Cluj-Napoca Bd. Eroilor nr. 15, 0264 450 130,,

Librăria Universităţii (Librarium Grup), Cluj-Napoca str. Universităţii nr. 1, 0364 733 722,

Librăria Avant Garde (Librarium Grup), Iaşi str. Alexandru Lapuşneanu nr. 16, 0332 408 477,,

Librăria Palas (Librarium Grup), Iaşi str. Palas nr. 7A, Palas Shopping Mall, 0332 730 743,

Librăria Cărtureşti Verona, Bucureşti str. Arthur Verona 13-15, Sector 1, 021 317 34 59,

Librăria Cărtureşti Carusel, Bucureşti str. Lipscani nr. 55, Centrul Istoric, 0728 828 922,

Librăria Cărtureşti AFI, Bucureşti Bd. Vasile Milea nr. 4, Sector 6 (AFI Palace Cotroceni), 0734 554 426,

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Librăria Cărtureşti Iulius Mall Timişoara, Timişoara str. Demetriade nr. 1, extinderea Iulius Mall, et. 1, 0356 459 855 / 0732 003 007,

Librăria Cărtureşti Mercy, Timişoara str. Mercy nr. 7, 0356 458 210 / 0732 003 006,

Librăria Cărtureşti Constanţa, Constanţa Bd. Alexandru Lapuşneanu nr. 116C, parter (City Park Mall), 0341 462 879,

Librăria Cărtureşti Suceava, Suceava str. Unirii nr. 22 (Iuliu Mall), 0330 803 086,

Librăria Cărtureşti Iaşi, Iaşi str. Tudor Vladimirescu nr. 2, et. 2 (Iulius Mall), 0732 003 005,

Librăria Cărtureşti Palas, Iaşi str. Ştefan cel Mare şi Sfânt nr. 1 A (Palas Mall), 0734 554 439,

Librăria Cărtureşti Braşov, Braşov Piaţa Sfatului nr. 20 (Mureşenilor spre Şchei), 0368 409 015,

Librăria Cărtureşti Arad, Arad str. Aurel Vlaicu nr. 10-12 (Atrium Center), 0732 003 066,

Magazinul Trakking, Cluj-Napoca str. Albert Einstein nr. 1, 0264 432 494 / 0770 625 075,

Librăria Flower Power, Sinaia str. Carol I nr. 43, 0723 561 634,

Magazin Matop, Cluj-Napoca str. Sighişoarei nr. 11, ap.25, demisol, 0264 436 343,

Magazin Montrek, Bucureşti str. Dr. Răureanu nr. 8 sector 5, 021 315 92 58,

Librăria ,, Nicolae Steinhardt” Casa Carâii, Bistriţa str. Mihai Eminescu nr. 4-5, 0263 233 419,

Librăria George Coşbuc, Bistriţa str. Liviu Rebreanu nr. 2-4, 0263 217 563,

Librăria Radu Petrescu, Bistriţa Piaţa Petru Rareş nr. 1, 0263 212 306,

Librăria Mihai Eminescu, Bucureşti Bd. Regina Elisabeta nr. 16 sector 3, 021 314 23 83,

Librăria La Buchiseală, Cluj-Napoca – Magazin Central str. Regele Ferdinand nr. 22-26, et. 1, 0752 553 457 / 0742 047 370

Librăria Hyperion, Sighişoara, str. 1 Decembrie 1918 nr. 11 telefon: 0265 772 044

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Mr. Tripp – Tourist Info, Bucuresti, Calea Victoriei nr. 68-70, Sector 1, tel: 0212113366

Magazin Bike Sport, Cluj-Napoca str. Calea Mănăştur nr. 105, tel: 0264595786,

Freytag-Berndt & Artaria KG, Wallnerstraße 3, 1010 Wien, Österreich,

Magazin Alpin Expe Oradea, Str. Primariei Nr.9, 0746.14.46.02 / 0259.431.069