Touristik Label - 907MN70: Copăcel - Refugiul Berevoescu - creasta principală


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From the village of Copacel, walk southward on the road towards the village of Recea. From the intersection with the county road, walk to the west for about 100 m, cross the bridge and immediately after the bridge take the road to the south. Follow the trail marking, cross the grassy plains and get into the forest. The trail connects several segments of forest road and forest areas with no path. Trail marking is good. Reach the road that connects Berevoi Massif to Piscul Alb. From here, follow the forest road for articulated tractors and climb up to a deforestation, where there is no path, but the trail markers are visible. Get into the forest, on the path, cross to the southeast and reach a meadow. This is the intersection with the blue dor trail that descends to Piscul Alb. Get to an area with dwarf mountain pines and cross it close to the edge. Walk past De Amiaza Peak in an alpine grassland zone and get to a Mountain Rescue Hut. From here, you can walk to the west on Piciorul Batran Edge and get to Berivoi Valley. Continue on the ridge and cross an almost horizontal section until you get to an area with burned dwarf mountain pines. Go down into Curmatura Tiganului Saddle. From here, you can descend to the east towards Sebes Valley. The path crosses the western slope of the edge and and a long and constant ascent takes you into a saddle, north of Belia Mare (Berevoescu Mare) Peak. From here, there is a Mountain Rescue Hut close to the ridge trail. Continue to the southwest and get to the intersection with the ridge trail.


Copăcel - Muntele Scoarţa - Refugiul Berevoescu - creasta principală


Poor trail markers in the pre-alpine and forested areas. During winter recommended up to the Mountain Rescue Hut at the intersection with Piciorul Batran.


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Copăcel - Refugiul Berevoescu - creasta principală in Braşov, Făgăraş is a hard Hiking trail.
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