Touristik Label - 307MN01B: Curmatura Surului - Şaua Capra


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From Curmatura Suru Saddle, walk along the contour line towards Curmatura Rosiilor Saddle or Budislavu Saddle, where you start the constant climb up Budislavu Peak, followed by a slight descent to Portita Avrigului Saddle. Further, descend to Avrig Lake and from the lake you can descend to Barcaciu Hut on Avrig Valley. The red stripe trail goes up, crossing the steep northern slope of Ciortea Peak to Garbova Saddle. The trail is exposed and sometimes difficult, especially in case of adverse weather conditions. From here, you can descend to Barcaciu Hut, walking below Scara Peak and then along Scara secondary ridge. Continue below Garbova Peak onto the southern slope to the broad saddle that precedes a long and stepped climb to Scara Peak. From here, descend along the ridge that sometimes becomes narrower to Puha saddle, where there is also a Mountain Rescue Hut. From here, you can descend to either Barcaciu Hut through Puha Glacial Cirque or to Negoiu Hut through Serbota Glacial Cirque. You can also walk down to Salatrucu village, to the south, through Topolog Valley. Climb and cross the two Mazgavu peaks and descend into a broad plateau, where you climb up Serbota Peak. You can descend to Negoiu Hut along Serbota edge. To the east, there is an impressive view of one of the most rugged and wild ridge portions of the Fagaras, Custura Saratii knife-like ridge and Negoiu Peak. Descend the narrow and steep edge, where the most exposed areas are equipped with chains, and after a short horizontal portion, go onto the northern slope. There are several ups and downs equipped with chains and cables that take you back to the ridge. The route becomes easier and then, there is a steep climb to a prominent peak equipped with chains. Cross to the northern slope and reach Cleopatra Saddle. To avoid the exposed and difficult trail along Custura Saratii knife-like ridge you can follow the yellow stripe trail from Serbota Peak: descend the inclined dale to Caldarea Pietroasa Glacial Cirque that you cross to the east. Come across the red triangle trail, start the steep ascent along the edge of a stream, sometimes a rather exposed and sloping ascent. The yellow stripe trail ends in Cleopatra Saddle. From here, you can descend to Negoiu Hut on Saratii Valley (blue triangle) or to Salatrucu village on Topolog Valley (red triangle). A constant climb takes you up to Negoiu Peak, the second highest peak in Romania. Descend parallel to the ridge to a fork, where you can go down south and walk around Varful dintre Strungi Peak and its steep slopes to Doamnei Saddle. To the north, there is the steep and difficult Strunga Dracului chimney crack, equipped with chains. This section is closed due to the danger of rock fall and because the chains the trail was equipped with were destroyed by massive rock falls in the area. Descend along the yellow stripe trail to the south, first in a constant descent, and then continue to the east to Caldarea Berbecilor Glacial Cirque. From here, climb back to the ridge in Strunga Doamnei chimney crack, which is equipped with chains on the first section that is more difficult. Both routes come together in the northern glacial cirque below Negoiu Peak. From here, you can cross through Strunga Ciobanului chimney crack to Negoiu Hut. Continue eastward and descend to Caltun Lake through Portita Caltun Saddle. The old Caltun Mountain Hut is near Caltun Lake and the new mountain hut is located on a small threshold to the northeast. From the lake, you can descend to Caltun Valley and the Transfagarasan high alpine road, at Piscul Negru Hotel, or you can cross Paltinul Valley and get to the south exit of the tunnel on the Transfagarasan road, near Cota 2000 Mountain Rescue Hut. From Caltun, there is a constant and long climb up to Laita Peak, located to the northeast. Descend to Laitel Saddle and cross a difficult section equipped with chains and cables. Walk around Laita Peak, on its southern slope, get onto the northern slope and continue through a rugged section. From here, there is an exposed southern section below Custura Turnul Paltinului knife-like ridge, followed by a rocky area. Reach a high plateau south of Paltinu Peak and from here, you can either descend towards Balea Lake Hut or continue along the main ridge over Balea Ridge and Iezerul Caprei Peak to the Capra Saddle. From here, you can go down to the south, on a steep and wet dale, to the south exit of the tunnel on the Transfagarasan.


Curmatura Surului - Vf. Serbota - Şaua Capra




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Curmatura Surului - Şaua Capra in Sibiu, Argeş, Vâlcea, Făgăraş is a hard hiking trail.
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