Touristik Label - 1218MN02: gara CFR Mănăstirea Turnu - Refugiul Turneanu - Cabana Cozia


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The trail on Turneanu edge is one of the difficult ones in the Cozia massif. Its degree of difficulty is given by the steep sections, so it is only recommended to well-trained hikers, to be followed in the direction described here. A few meters away from Turnu train station, towards Turnu Monastery, there is a signpost marking the starting point for the trail. The path turns left, to the north, and you leave the gravel road behind to start the long climb to Cozia Hut. In a few minutes, you get to a table with rounded stone chairs, but because you are only at the beginning of the climb it is wiser to continue. The path goes through the forest and, little by little, you leave the area of Turnu Monastery. Further away, still climbing, a succession of steeper portions, gentle slopes, serpentines, flat areas take you to the area of Pietrele Rosii (Red Rocks), where you can see the rocky surroundings. This is a good moment for a short break before you continue. As soon as you start, the narrow path climbs steeply and you head towards a rocky prominence, where you change direction to the East, as indicated by an arrow. You are still on Muchia Turneanu Edge, amazed by how the narrow path takes you along the wooded edge with rocky prominences every here and there. Soon you come to a meadow with a wooden shelter, the intersection between the red triangle and red stripe trails. At the end of the meadow you get back into the forest that has accompanied you since the beginning, but now the slope is gentler and you continue on the contour line. The path accompanied by the two markings leads you to the edge of the forest, where you reach Turneanu Mountain Hut. Although it is located a bit to the south of the marked path, it is worth to go down to it. The view is completed by the winding turns that the Olt makes below, Coltii Foarfecei (the Scissors’ Tips), and last but not least Ciuha Mare Peak. From this point you have to walk about 45-50 minutes to Cozia Hut, and on this last segment you will reach the intersection with the blue stripe trail that climbed from Turnu train station past the former Rotunda sheepfold. If so far you have mostly walked through a deciduous forest, now the path leads you through a few clusters of coniferous forest, to the NW. You cross a chimney and a rockier section below Ciuha Mare Peak, where caution should be taken in case of rainy or snowy weather. From here, you are only 10-12 minutes away from the saddle between Ciuha Mare and Ciuha Mica peaks, where Cozia Hut is located, also the end of the trail.


gara CFR Mănăstirea Turnu - Pietrele Roşii - Refugiul Turneanu - Cabana Cozia




The trail is only recommended to well-trained hikers. During the winter months, there might be sections where the path can only be crossed using ice climbing boots (crampons).


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gara CFR Mănăstirea Turnu - Refugiul Turneanu - Cabana Cozia in Vâlcea, Cozia is a hard hiking trail.
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