Touristik Label - 118MN04: sat Căciulata (C.N.I.P.T.) - Mănăstirea Stânişoara - Cabana Cozia


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The access to this trail is from DN7 national road, which you leave in front of Pausa (in recent years Pausa has become a district of Calimanesti). Walk on the main paved road and soon walk past an information board of Cozia National Park. Then, continue for about 150 meters on the asphalt. Somewhere to your left you can see the church and the marked road seems to be leading in that direction. The edge of the forest is just behind the church and, after an intersection, follow the middle path and start climbing on Pausa Hill. Although almost all the way up to La Troita saddle is through the forest, the forest here has a special charm, so it is recommended to do the trail in the autumn. After almost an hour and a half reach the saddle and the intersection with the yellow cross and red stripe trail. After a well-deserved break in the saddle, the blue stripe and red stripe markings continue together in a gentle ascent towards Stanisoara Meadow. About 5 minutes away, start the mild descent with view over the southern slope of the massif. While descending, the red stripe trail splits to the left, but you continue on the wide path. About 25 minutes from La Troita Saddle, get to an area with rocky walls, where there is a small cave, Grota din Cale, and then a clearing on your right, urging you to stop in one of the the most beautiful viewpoints of the massif. Enjoy the panoramic view and return to the marked path, which descends gently all the way down to the stream of Gardului Creek. There is a spring here. Continue upstream and after a few minutes reach Stanisoara Meadow. Once again, the view from this meadow rewards the effort you have made so far. Continue towards the eastern end of the meadow, past a garden that probably belongs to the monastery, and change direction to the NE. Return to the leafy forest and start a steep and winding climb. About 50 minutes from Stanisoara Meadow, get to another panoramic viewpoint of the massif. This place is called “Damaschin’s Fangs”. You are on the edge of the steep cliff. After this break, the path leads you to another steep climb and after about half an hour you reach Muchia Vladeasa Edge, in a small meadow. Vladeasa Meadow is marked by a bench and a crucifix and just before reaching the glade you walk past the intersection of the blue stripe trail with the blue triangle trail. The latter comes from Jiblea Veche and from here on it continues alongside the blue stripe trail. The path follows the western slope of Muchia Vladeasa Edge and at some point it takes you to a short section equipped with cables. They are especially helpful in case of bad weather, in order to walk past the rocky thresholds. The cables are succeeded by short and steep switchbacks until you reach the ridge. From here to the right (SE), an unmarked path heads towards Bulzu Peak, and the marked trail now continues in a more gentle ascent to the NW, on the SW side of Ciuha Mica Peak that is partially deforested. Soon reach the forest road that goes up from Dangesti to Cozia Hut, but up to the deep saddle where the cabin is located, you can see the Olt Valley, the Scissors’ Tips, the ridges of Capatanii and Lotrului mountains, or the steep slopes of Buila.


sat Căciulata (C.N.I.P.T.) - sat Păuşa - Şaua La Troiţă - Mănăstirea Stânişoara - Muchia Vlădeasa - Muchia Durduc - Cabana Cozia




The trail can be hiked all year round on the section between Pausa - Vladeasa Meadow; the section between Vladeasa Meadow - Vladeasa Ridge - Cozia Hut is only recommended to be hiked in the summer.


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sat Căciulata (C.N.I.P.T.) - Mănăstirea Stânişoara - Cabana Cozia in Vâlcea, Cozia is a hard hiking trail.
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