Touristik Label - 307MN01C: Şaua Capra - Fereastra Mare a Sâmbetei


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From the Capra Saddle, go down to Capra Lake, where there is a monument dedicated to the mountaineers. From here, you can descend to the southeast and get to the Transfagarasan high alpine road or to the southwest and walk through Moara Dracilor (Devils’ Mill) and get to Cota 2000 Mountain Rescue Hut. From the lake, descend eastward into the suspended glacial cirque below Arpasel Ridge and continue below Arpasel-Vartopel knife-like ridge. Climb on a grassy foot and get to the main ridge, in the place called Fereastra Zmeilor (The Dragons’ Window). From here, you can descend towards the northeast and cross the northern glacial cirques directly to Podragu Hut past Podragel Lake. From Fereastra Zmeilor, continue on the narrow and rugged ridge. This is an exposed section equipped with cables and chains in its most difficult portions. This difficult section is called "Three Steps from Death". Get onto the northern slope of the mountain below Arpasu Mic Peak, descend to a small glacial cirque and climb back onto the ridge, to the place called "The Iron Pole", where the ridge narrows. Climb up Arpasu Mare Peak and cross the ridge that connects it to Mirca Peak. From here, go down along a secondary ridge to Mirca Lake, walk past the ruins of a mountain hut destroyed by avalanche and continue on the southern slope of Podragu Peak until you reach Podragu Saddle. From the saddle, you can descend south to Buda Valley ang get to the Transfagarasan high alpine road. You can also descend north to Podragu Hut. The trail continues along the ridge, generally on its southern slope and takes you to an area where the ridge becomes narrower, Orzanele Saddle. From here, there is a constant ascent towards Vistea Mare Peak, the third highest peak in Romania. From Orzanele saddle, you can go down on Buda Valley and get to the Transfagarasan. If you walk for 30 more minutes from Vistea Mare Peak, you can continue south along the knife-like ridge that takes you to the highest peak in Romania, Moldoveanu Peak. From Moldoveanu Peak, you can continue south, where there are several trails that descend to Rea Valley, Buda Valley or along the southern summits, Scarisoara and Coastele Mari. From Vistea Mare Peak, continue eastward and descend to Vistea Saddle, where you will find a Mountain Rescue Hut. From Vistea Saddle, the trail continues over Hartopu Ursului Peak, then along the southern slope of the mountain, below Galbenele and Galasescu Mare peaks and climbs up Galasescu Mic Peak. From this peak, the trail descends to Fereastra Mica a Sambetei u-shaped saddle, where you will find a Mountain Rescue Hut. You can descend directly to Valea Sambetei Hut through Fereastra Mica or you can walk south below Slanina Peak and get to Fereastra Mare u-shaped saddle, where you can descend to Valea Sambetei Hut.


Şaua Capra - Saua Podragului - Fereastra Mare a Sâmbetei




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Şaua Capra - Fereastra Mare a Sâmbetei in Sibiu, Argeş, Făgăraş is a hard hiking trail.
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