Touristik Label - 213MN16: Stâna de Vale-P-na Stânişoara-Piatra Tâlharului-Şaua Vărăşoaia


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Start from Stana de Vale and walk towards Izvorul Minunilor (Wonder Spring) on a paved road. Immediately after the spring, a road veers off to the left and climbs through the forest. The blue stripe, yellow stripe, red triangle and blue cross trail markers are present. After a climb of more than 1 km, the road bends to the right into a meadow, but the trail markers continue in the same direction on a path. Get out of the forest near a sheepfold with a large animal shelter for winter, and soon get to a signpost with more arrows, where you join trail 13 (yellow dot) and split from trail 26 (blue stripe). From here, continue in the same direction on a forest road that takes you past Muncel Forest Lodge and then into the forest to descend quite steeply to Valea Draganului. The road crosses the creek through shallow waters, but the trail markers leave the road and continue to the right over a bridge. Reach Ciripa Forest Lodge where the blue cross trail marker leaves the forest road and you climb together with the red triangle trail marker. After an ascent of 1.4 km, a signpost indicates a deviation to Cascada Moara Dracului (The Devil‘s Mill Waterfall) (trail 19, yellow dot). Continue climbing through the forest along the path that follows the ridge and get out into a large meadow with signposts and an abandoned wooden building at the bottom and a hunting stand at the top. Then continue on the contour line on a road that takes you through a sparse forest and crosses several creeks. After you cross the last one, which is also the largest, and the grove ends, leave the road (leading to a sheepfold to the left) and climb through a pasture without any path, but again guided by the signposts. Get to the signpost indicating Buteasa Peak (red triangle), where you turn right (SE) and continue in this direction along the signposts. Walk around a peak past a sheepfold and cross several springs that give rise to Craciun Valley, the latter being the most vigorous (Brita Valley). Soon get to a clump of junipers difficult to cross as the path is invaded by them. Even if it is only 400 m long, this section of the trail takes a lot of time and effort. After this ordeal, get out to a small road that soon takes you to the information board (with a legend) near Piatra Talharului (Thief‘s Stone), a very picturesque isolated cliff. A marked path (round trip) takes you on top of the cliff at a lookout point. After a well deserved break continue on the path down to Onceasa Meadow through a beautiful area with sparse spruce trees, blueberry and juniper bushes. At the northestern edge of the meadow, join the red cross and blue cross trail markers and enter the forest to the northwest. Leave the new trail markers after less than 100 m. Cross a stretch of fallen trees with many sinkholes, then continue along the edge of the forest and get to a meadow with two flooded sinkholes that form two small lakes full of duckweed. After another stretch of fallen trees, walk through a beautiful forest with moss, blueberry bushes, streams, rocks, a sign that you are getting closer to Padis. 
The path is not well defined, but trail markers are abundant. In a large meadow you can enjoy the view to the south and see the silhouette of Bihor Peak on the horizon. Walk through another patch of forest and get to a road that you follow for a while, cross a powerful stream (Cuciulata Valley) and get out on the pasture where the markings are painted on rocks and you must pay increased attention. One more patch of forest separates you from another meadow where a signpost indicates that this used to be the intersection with the red dot trail, now disbanded. From here to the intersection with trails 12 (red stripe) and 1 (blue stripe) you have to cross a stretch of beautiful forest for about 1.5 km. Walk alongside the red stripe trail (see the description of trail 12).


Stâna de Vale-Culmea Muncelu-Cantonul Forestier Ciripa-Poiana Stânişoara-Piatra Tâlharului-Poiana Onceasa-Şaua Vărăşoaia




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Stâna de Vale-P-na Stânişoara-Piatra Tâlharului-Şaua Vărăşoaia in Cluj, Bihor, Vlădeasa is a medium hiking trail.
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