Touristik Label - 811MN29: Staţiunea Muntele Băișorii - Vf. Pietrele Mărunte - Staţiunea Muntele Băișorii


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The trail is also called Muntele Baisorii Loop Trail. The starting point is the Local Tourist Information Centre of the resort. Walk on the road to Partia Mare ski slope as indicated by the arrow of the blue stripe trail and after a while you reach the ski lift cables. Cross the ski slope perpendicularly and get to the first signpost with information about the trail. Continue on the wide dirt road and reach a barrier where there is a new signpost. This is where your trail (yellow dot) splits from the blue stripe trail, but not for long. So far you have walked for about 30-40 minutes. The trail continues to the left on a narrow forest road and after a bend you reach the blue stripe trail again. From here the two trails share the same route on a path, where you are guided by a wooden pole with the blue stripe marking, next to which you get on a dirt road, walk past the houses of Crint hamlet and then reach another signpost. Get into the forest and head towards Gabriana hamlet, crossing several streams (water source). Before you get to the edge of the forest you can see a small fir tree with arrows indicating that the two trails are going to split one from another. You continue on the road to the left and after a short while you get out of the forest and reach the upper part of the meadow where Gabriana hamlet is located. You further reach the intersection with the blue stripe trail and a creek. Continue on the road to the right and after a bend reach a new signpost where you separate from the blue stripe trail permanently. Next, there is a constant climb in an area with young fir trees and small meadows, with several dirt roads splitting to the left and to the right. Get to the intersection with the yellow cross trail that goes around Buscat Peak. The junction of the two trails is marked by two arrows with information. From here your trail continues through the forest along with the yellow cross trail and after 500 meters you reach Fantana Gabrienii spring. At the next signpost you leave the road and continue on a path to the left, behind Buscat Peak. Get to the top on the path and on the wide dirt road, as guided by the three signposts. Walk past the peak, which can be climbed on an unmarked path, cross the chairlift line and you can see Pietrele Marunte Peak ahead. Descend to Sesul Cald. Get to the asphalt road and the intersection with the red stripe, red cross and yellow cross trails. From here, joined by the red stripe trail, you start the climb on the road that leads to Muntele Mare Peak. At the point where there is an arrow to the left on a power pole, you leave the road to the left and continue on a grassy road up to Pietrele Marunte Peak. The beautiful road in the middle of an area with dwarf pines reaches a signpost that guides you towards the continuation of the yellow dot trail. It is worth leaving the marked trail to walk south to the last rocks and enjoy the view towards Trascau Mountains and Muntele Mare Peak. Return and follow the yellow dot markers painted on stones and metal pillars. The path descends through the forest and reaches a dirt road, where the trail bends to the left and runs across several forest roads. The last one, washed by the waters, takes you down to Vadului Valley, reaching the intersection with the blue cross trail that it further splits from. Walk along the wide and zigzagging dirt road and start climbing towards Muntele Baisorii. Get to DJ107R county road, follow the markers along the asphalt road and return to the starting point.


Staţiunea Muntele Băișorii - Găbriana - Vf. Buscat - Vf. Pietrele Mărunte - Staţiunea Muntele Băișorii




 The trail is accessible in winter depending on the quantity and quality of snow only to experienced tourists who are well-equipped. It is recommended that tourists have ski touring equipment for the thick snow layer.


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Staţiunea Muntele Băișorii - Vf. Pietrele Mărunte - Staţiunea Muntele Băișorii in Cluj, Gilău-Muntele Mare, Alba is a medium hiking trail.
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