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From E81 European Road on the Olt River Valley in the direction Sibiu-Valcea, after the village of Boita, before entering the village of Lazaret, at the boundary between Sibiu and Valcea counties, there is a bridge that crosses the Olt to the east. Cross the bridge and continue north on the dirt road another 1.5 km until you reach a railway bridge. This is where the red stripe (RS) trail sign appears. Cross the railway and enter the forest to the east, climb towards the ridge on a less visible but well marked path. Walk through a clearing where you come across a forest road. Generally, the trail follows the ridge line through the woods. The constant climb takes you to the first peak, Bulzului Peak. Before the peak, cross onto the northwestern slope on an upward contour line, walk past several peaks and reach a saddle with a large meadow. Cross back towards the northwest through the forest, walk along the secondary ridge that climbs from the west and follow it until you reach an alpine area which offers a beautiful view of the Fagaras Mountains to the east and Lotru Mountains to the west. Continue on the northern slope and get out of the forest in a meadow, close to the alpine zone. The southern slope is steep and rocky, while the northern one is wooded and not very steep. From here, the route follows the ridge through the alpine zone, past Chica Pietrelor peak, crossing a trail that descends to Turnu Rosu marked with a signpost. Walk past another peak on the northern slope and reach a wide saddle, where the trail to Zanoaga Cainenilor continues to the south. After a few hundred meters, in a wide area, the trail to Greblesti splits to the south. Walk past Tataru Peak and descend to Apa Cumpanita Saddle, where there is a spring. On the southern slope, there is a small cottage, a mountain hut 200 m from our trail. The ridge continues east with small ascents and descents and we walk through an area with large stone slabs scattered on the ridge. Further away, the trail that descends to Suru continues north, over Moasa Ridge. Climb Cocoriciu Peak and reach Curmatura Suru Saddle, where you can descend to Suru Hut through Gavanu Glacial Cirque.


Valea Fratelui/Valea Oltului - Curmatura Surului




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Valea Oltului - Curmatura Surului in Sibiu, Vâlcea, Făgăraş is a hard hiking trail.
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