Touristik Label - 302MN24: Vf. La Om - La Table - Pasul Giuvala


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From Varful La Om/Piscul Baciului Peak (2238 m) the trail descends on switchbacks through the corrie where Valea Cheii de sub Grind valley originates. Coltii Gainii ridge is on the left and the steep slopes of Hornurile Grindului are on the right. You reach a saddle at an altitude of 1900 meters, which marks the end of Coltii Grindului ridge. The starting point for Politele Martoiului is near this place. Descend the grassy slopes (280 meters altitude difference) to the first stream of Valea Cheii de sub Grind valley. Cross the stream to the west and a slight ascent takes you to Refugiul Grind 1 mountain hut (1620 m). Descend 200 meters (33% slope) through the hut’s meadow and enter the coniferous forest on the left. The clear path descends to a large deforestation. There is a signpost with a connection to Trail 29. To reach this marking walk for 660 meters on the path through the deforestation (connection to the right to Trail 29). Continue on the downward contour line through the clearing to Valceaua Gainii hollow and after 70 meters of descent turn left through the forest. After 150 meters on the contour line through fallen trees reach the spring near La Table intersection (connection with Trails 5, 18, 27, 29). Continue for about 225 meters and reach La Table intersection, where you come across Trail 12. Trails 12 and 18 are ahead (north), Trails 12 and 24 are on the right (east). Continue to the right (east) towards Saua Joaca saddle. Walk up on the road for articulated forest tractors (TAF) for 800 meters (60 meters altitude difference) on the western slope of Dealul Popii hill to Saua Joaca saddle (1445 m) (common route with Trail 12). Trail 12 continues to the left. Continue on the contour line for 700 meters to the first long meadow. Walk past the sheepfold in the middle of the meadow and get out through the southern end of the meadow. Reach a TAF road and walk on it for a few hundred meters. When the road bends down to the right, leave it in the same direction as before and descend through the dense forest. Pay attention to the markings! After a descent of 350 meters (50 meters altitude difference among fallen trees and dry trees) reach a contour line and walk up the same distance through a forest corridor to the wide and inclined Poiana Frumoasa meadow. From here, an old path goes up on the wooded peak ahead and descends on its ridge to the new marking on the contour line (670 meters distance, 80 meters ascent, 100 meters descent). The marked trail continues on the contour line and comes across the previously mentioned path after 625 meters. Continue the descent and after 220 meters (13 meters descent) reach Curmatura Groapelor saddle (connection with Trails 18 and 27). Walk along the ridge above Poiana Lunga meadow, walk past Coltul Sparturilor (1469 m) and reach another long meadow between Galma Sparturilor (1472 m) and Galma Iorghii (1406 m). Walk along the meadow and leave the path after about one kilometer descending to the left (east) through the deciduous forest . After a 420 m descent (15% slope) reach Saua Crucea Sparturilor saddle (1226 m). Walk round the eastern slope of Coltul Paltinisului (1323 m) and descend 1.1 km on the wagon road to the paved road between Ciocanu and Sirnea (Mormantul Florichii). Walk along the wagon road (southeast) for 1.5 km and at the end, a hollow will take you down, through the fences, between Galma Tiganului (1252 m) and Varful Rogoazei peak (1228 m), to another paved road. Go down to the right for 270 meters on Valea Izvorul Sec valley and turn left onto a little street that takes you upstream around Podul Predealului (1333 m). 750 meters after entering the forest (slight ascent, 40 meters altitude difference), turn left up below the power line (60 meters altitude difference, 750 meters distance). Walk past a wooden fence and descend to the place called La Crucea Pajurei (1246 m), 93.5 km on DN73. From here, walk along the road for 1.9 km to the center of the village of Fundata (ascent to the south). This is the intersection of the trails marked with red stripe crossing Bucegi and Piatra Craiului mountains.


Vf. La Om (2238 m) - Refugiul Grind 1 (1620 m) - La Table - Şaua Joaca (1445 m) - Curmătura Groapelor (1389 m) - Şaua La Crucea Spărturilor (1226 m) - Fundata (1246 m) - Pasul Giuvala (1262 m)




Rare trail markers between (doubled in some areas by old trail markers, erased over another route) Curmatura Groapelor saddle and Curmatura Armasarilor saddle. The trail is inaccessible in winter between Varful La Om peak and Refugiul Grind 1 mountain hut (unmarked trail on Coltii Gainii)


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Vf. La Om - La Table - Pasul Giuvala in Piatra Craiului, Braşov, Argeş is a medium/hard hiking trail.
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