Touristik Label - 115MN14: Bistra Mureşului (DN15)-Poiana Lungă


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The trail starts from DN15 national road and it is one of the most visited routes in the Calimani. However, the presence of bears has often been signaled on this route or in close proximity! ... so beware when you walk this trail and make noise. It starts with a climb, along the power poles, and after 1 km it reaches a barrier and enters the valley, into the forest. The climb continues on the valley for approx. 2 km, it reaches a small meadow, at the middle of which you walk to the left and go up a secondary ridge to get back into the forest. An alternative to the starting point of trail14 (blue stripe) is the variant that follows the “foot” of the mountain from the beginning, avoiding the valley and the shade/coolness. Being exposed to the sun at all times, without water sources around, it is recommended to walk this trail in sunless or cool days. Walk for 3.3 km and climb 440 m through a meadow with ferns and then get on the main trail (14, blue stripe). Continue to the right, in a mild climb, up to approx. km 6, where trail 13 (blue triangle) comes from the left from Zapodia cu Cale. From here to Scaunul Peak you have to go up 2 km on a steep path through the forest, a bit technical at times. Next, there are 4 km of very smooth ascent, through the forest, to Plaiul Stegii Meadow, where you walk to the left, on the ridge, along the forest edge (trail 16 – blue dot descends to the right to Galaoaia). At km 12, get back into the forest and continue on the contour line for 2 km to the intersection with trail 17 (red dot) to the right, which climbs from Rostolita to Cofu Meadow. The next 3 km are common for the two markings and on a road for articulated tractors, the blue stripe trail veers to the right (there are not many markers in this area) and the red dot trail continues to the left towards Cofu. The next 4 km are difficult and wild, trail markers are less visible and scarce, slightly climbing at the beginning and then descending to Secu Valley. From here, climb steeply on the paved trail for several hundred meters, then enter Tiganca Meadow and walk along it past sheepfolds to go back into the forest. Somewhere in the middle of the meadow you come across trail 9 (yellow stripe) that comes from Bistricioru Peak. After you enter the forest, there is a very short flat section, then a steep descent to the saddle below Lunga Meadow where the blue dot trail comes from the left from Zanelor Tarn.


Bistra Mureşului (DN15)-Vf.Scaunul Domnului-Poiana Ţiganca-Poiana Lungă




Between km 15.5 and 20, the marking is poor, scarce, the forest is very dense and requires a lot of attention and orientation skills.


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Bistra Mureşului (DN15)-Poiana Lungă in Bistriţa-Năsăud, Mureş, Călimani is a hard hiking trail.
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