Touristik Label - 1107MN75: Mărgineni - Vf. Văcarea Mică - sub Vf. Comisu


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The trail is accessible by bicycle from the vilage of Margineni to the area below Vacarea Mare Peak. From the edge of the village of Margineni cross the field on a country road. There is a gravel quarry to the south-southeast, which could be used as a landmark. Walk past this quarry and get to an area where the road is not clear and turn slightly to the southeast. Get into the forest and try to identify the forest road for articulated tractors to the south. There is a signpost hidden in the rich vegetation. Trail markers are scarce and you need to pay attention at the intersection with other forest roads. There is a steep ascent, then a passage on the upward contour line, followed by a gradual descent to the southeast. The yellow triangle trail also continues on the forest road down south from Namaia Peak. Descend to Namaia Saddle. From here, you can descend towards the east, on the yellow cross trail along the forest road to Rudarita Forest Lodge. For a while, the trail is shared with the yellow cross trail. Climb to a small saddle where the road forks and the yellow triangle trail continues west down to Sebes Valley. After a few ups and downs and a horizontal passage, reach Vacarea Mica Peak. Leave the forest road and head towards Muntele Vacarea Mare Ridge (southwest), until you get to a meadow. East of the path, there is a sheepfold in the meadow bordered to the southeast by a massive logging area. After an area with young trees, reach the intersection with the blue triangle trail that descends from Comisu Saddle.


Mărgineni - Vf. Nămaia - Şaua Nămăii - Vf. Văcarea Mică - Vf. Văcarea Mare - sub Vf. Comisu


Good trail markers in the upper section of the trail, no trail markers in the valley. Poor trail markers in the forested area. The route is dangerous in winter.


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Mărgineni - Vf. Văcarea Mică - sub Vf. Comisu in Braşov, Făgăraş is a medium/hard Hiking trail.
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