Touristik Label - 111MN11: Ocolișel - Cheile Ocolișelului - Valea Vadului


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The trail connects Ocolisel to Valea Vadului via Ocolisel Valley and Ocolisel Gorge. It is recommended to do the walk upstream, given that markings are more visible and more abundant in this direction. You have to cross the river through the water as the footbridges were destroyed by floods. The starting point is in Ocolisel, toward Valea Vadului, next to an information board mounted on a tree. Walk upstream on a dirt road along the left side of the valley (as climbing). Immediately after you leave, there is an intersection and a road bends to the right, crossing the ridge to Cacova Ierii. Continue straight ahead, walk past an elongated hayfield and after about 500 meters follow the path between the steep slope and the river. Cross carefully and get back to the road that reaches a fence and a gate. Walk through the gate and get to a meadow with old houses, place called La Jderesti. Continue on the road upstream, past the spectacular roots of a beech tree with a marking on them, and get to a place where the trail becomes narrow, squeezed between the water and the rocks. The trail continues on the river bank and takes you to a spring then it gets narrow again. The marking leads you over the rocks, but given that the slope is too steep and the trail gets too high, you can continue straight through the water if the river allows you to. From here, an arrow painted on a tree guides you through a meadow to the confluence of a creek with Ocolisel Valley. After about 200 m, you have to cross the river through the water. You are now in a wide meadow, without trees and with meanders. The markings painted on larger boulders guide you through the meadow and into the forest (in the northern part of the meadow). Walk on a path above the river, through the forest, and get to another meadow. After crossing the river meadow, get to a resting place, an information board and the intersection with trail 12 (blue dot), which descends from above the cliffs called Cetatea (The fortress). You have to look carefully for the access to trail 12, especially in case of leafy vegetation which covers the markings. As you look at the information board, the blue dot trail is about 30 m to the right, climbing straight up between the trees. You continue on your trail, together with trail 12 for a short while, using the markings for guidance, but they sometimes seem to confuse rather than help you. Some signs painted on the rocks in front of you indicate that you can continue that way, but it is a false lead as the path suddenly ends in the river or at the bottom of the steep slope. You actually have to cross the river to the left and climb on the left side of the river (walking direction), between bushes and trees, until you get to a spring and a tree with both markings painted on it (blue stripe and blue dot).  Here, trail 12 continues to the right and climbs to the top of the cliffs called Cetatea (The fortress), after crossing through the river. You continue on the path through the forest and soon reach a spring near a secular tree. Guided by abundant markings, walk for a while on the left side of the river (climbing direction). Walk past some scree slopes and good camping spots. At one point, the path climbs over some smaller rocks and then it climbs steeply above the river on some bigger rocks. After a short but steep descent through the forest, get close to the streamline. Walk past two springs and several good places for camping. The path continues on a steep slope by the water and then through the forest, until you reach a large boulder with a big arrow on it. Now you have to cross the river again. Walk on a dirt road through a grassy river meadow until you reach some houses. Cross several fences and soon get to the last houses in Valea Vadului, where a dirt road leads you to the intersection with the paved road that comes from Masca. This is the end of the trail, next to the information board about Ocolisel Gorge, which is a landmark if you want to do the walk the other way around.


Ocolișel - Cheile Ocolișelului - Valea Vadului




Blue stripe trail markers are visible along the ascent (Ocolisel – Valea Vadului Valley), but quite scarce and slightly visible when walking from Valea Vadului Valley to Ocolisel. / The trail is accessible in winter depending on the quantity and quality of snow only to experienced tourists who are well-equipped. The route involves crossing water or ice bridges.


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Ocolișel - Cheile Ocolișelului - Valea Vadului in Cluj, Gilău-Muntele Mare is a medium hiking trail.
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