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The main ridge trail of the Parang Mountains starts from the city of Petrosani. From the city center, on December 1, 1919 Boulevard, get onto Universitatii Street and follow it all the way to the end and reach Bradet bus stop (the upper part of the student campus). Before starting the hike, you can get water from the fountain which is in the area of the bus stop. Without any tourist indicator, the red stripe marker is soon visible on the trunk of a spruce tree, leading you along Mosic Hill. For about 6.5 km, the trail marker takes you atop the ridge on the right side of the asphalt road that connects Petrosani to the chairlift station in Parang Resort. The red stripe marker follows the ups and downs along the ridge, with several views of Taia Gorge, Jiul de Vest Valley and Carja Peak. This section of the red stripe trail takes you close to Parang Resort, and as the road between Petrosani and the chairlift station is paved, people often prefer not to walk this first section of the route. Walk past a few cottages shortly before the intersection with the road that comes from Petrosani to the chairlift station. From the chairlift station, you can reach Parang tourist complex by cable transportation, on foot or by 4x4 following the gravel road, or on foot along the red stripe trail which after leaving Rusu Hotel follows the pillars of the chairlift. Choosing the third alternative, climb below the chairlift to the top station, walk past the mountain rescue base and a spring where you have the last chance to refill your bottles, as there are no other springs once you reach the main ridge. Leave the mountain rescue base and continue up to the top of the resort, where you can have a break on the bench before the actual ridge trail begins. Until it takes you below Carja Peak, the trail follows the contour line, below Parangul Mic Peak and past Carja Mountain Hut. Carja Mounatin Hut resembles a stone shelter and can be used in case of emergency, but there are no bunk beds. From the refuge, the slope becomes steeper to Carja Peak, but once you reach the elevation of 2,405 m you can guess the trajectory of the trail to Parangul Mare Peak. Small ups and downs lead you over Stoienita and Gemanarea peaks and from the ridge you can see the glacial corries down to your left. You have been walking for about 4 hours from the resort to Parangul Mare and now you are going to descend to Gruiu Saddle. The saddle is marked by a pillar where the red dot mark descends to Agatat mountain hut. Enjoy the beautiful view of the glacial lakes located to the north: Mandra, Lung and Rosiile. Next, the ridge trail continues below Gruiu, Paclesa and Iesu peaks, with a more serious climb up to Piatra Taiata Saddle. There is a huge cairn here and a signpost indicating the blue stripe trail to the north and the descent to Galcescu Lake to the east. You continue over Setea Mica and Setea Mare peaks above Galcescu, Pencu, and Vidal lakes. From Setea Mare, descend to Plescoaia Saddle and then climb near Mohoru Peak. Walk past this last peak and continue downhill to Urdele Pass, where you get to the intersection with the asphalt road. Follow the road to cross the easternmost section of the Parang Mountains ridge. The signpost in Dengheru Saddle indicates a left turn, to the east, where you leave DN 67C national road that descends to Ranca and Novaci behind. This last section of the red stripe trail follows the ridge to Curmatura Oltetului, which separates the Parang and the Capatanii Mountains. First, the marked route continues below Papusa Peak, on its northern slope. From the peak, a less steep secondary ridge descends to the NE towards the saddle that separates it from Cioara Peak, which is the next peak. Similarly to Papusa Peak, you will walk around the neighbouring peak and then descend to Tidvele Saddle. After climbing Galbenu Peak, descend to the next saddle. Musetoaia Peak rises to the east, and it is the last peak that you will climb before reaching Micaia Peak. Follow the contour line to make the last part around the top and reach Micaia Saddle. Micaia Peak is the last high peak of the Parang, and after you reach the elevation of 2,170 m on top of the peak start the steep descent to Curmatura Oltetului Saddle. In the pass located at an elevation of 1,615 m, there is an intersection with the road that comes up from Polovragi through Oltetului Gorge.


Petroșani - Dl. Moșic - staţiunea Parâng - Vf. Cârja - Vf. Parângul Mare - Șaua Piatra Tăiată - Vf. Iezer - Pasul Urdele - Șaua Dengheru - Vf Micaia - Curmătura Olteţului 




The trail is accessible in winter depending on the quantity and quality of snow only to experienced tourists who are well-equipped. In winter, it is recommended to follow the ridgeline itself.


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Petroșani - Vf. Parângul Mare - Curmătura Olteţului in Hunedoara, Vâlcea, Gorj, Parâng is a hard Hiking trail.
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