Touristik Label - 301MN21: Bran - Şaua Ţigăneşti - Cabana Omu

Trail 21 (red stripe) is a medium/difficult trail, appropriate for experienced hikers, who are familiar with differences in elevation of almost 2,000 m. The path goes through the long and picturesque tourist village of Poarta, continues at the bottom of Bran-Zanoaga ski slope, then climbs on Clincea Hill, with the view of Rucar-Bran Pass in the back and the Piatra Craiului Mountains in the distance. From here, climb through the alpine area past Tiganesti Saddle and to the bottom of Tiganesti Towers, equipped with cables, cross several chimneys up to Scara Peak and further to Omu Hut.

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From Bran walk through the village of Poarta, leave Ciubotea Valley ahead and climb the motor road to the bottom of Bran ski slope. Climb on the left side of the slope to the upper end of the ski lift and cross the slope on the road for articulated tractors. Continue on the path through the forest, always climbing up to the alpine meadows. The trail runs through the place called ’La stanci - To the cliffs’ to reach Mount Tiganesti (2,214 m). Turn right on the ascending contour line up to Tiganesti Saddle (2,195 m) (mountain hut). Climb on the contour line on Tiganesti Ridge to the bottom of Tiganesti Towers. The path equipped with cables and chains climbs steeply between the towers above Hornul Tiganseti. Continue to Scara Peak plateau (2,422 m) and descend on the western slope of Mount Scara below the limestone window of Tiganesti to Hornuri Saddle. Continue up 30-45 minutes to Omu Hut (2,507 m).


Bran - Poiana Clincea - Şaua Ţigăneşti - Cabana Omu


Because of its tourism and economic importance, Bran is known as an important tourist attraction, as well as a starting point for many of the tourist attractions in Piatra Craiului and Bucegi mountains. Bran area is on the border between Barsa Land (Brasov Depression) and Fagaras Land (Fagaras Depression), and it connects Muntenia to Transylvania.
From the very beginning, after you cross Poarta village at the foot of the Bucegi Mountains (a mecca of photographers), the trail gives you the opportunity to enjoy the magnificence of the mountain that leaves you breathless. Walk through the village (aprox. 3.5 km) until you reach the base of Bran-Zanoaga ski slope, where there is a resting place with benches and a table. Then the steep climb takes you past Bran Mountain Rescue base and the higher you get, the broader the impressive panorama towards Rucar-Bran Pass and the Piatra Craiului Mountains.
Enter the forest, on the countour line, and before you reach the intersection with the trail coming from Ciubotei Meadow (blue dot - trail 50) there is a spring on the right side with a resting place. It is good to fill you water bottles here, although there is a wooden water basin in Panicerului Meadow, where the blue dot marking disappears. From the clearing, climb up to the ridge and reach Clincii Meadow with a beautiful panorama of Magura Codlei and Brasov.
Continue on a red stripe through the coniferous forest and after another hour from the alpine area, get to the place called "La Stanci" (At the Cliffs), from where you can see Mount Tiganesti (2,214 m). Below the peak, turn right on the ascending contour line and walk to Tiganesti Saddle (2,195 m), where you find a large and well-built mountain hut that can accommodate up to 20-25 people (it is located on the western slope of Culmea Tiganesti edge, about 20 meters below the saddle) (connection with trail 49 leading to Malaiesti Valley).
Once you get into Tiganesti Saddle, on the left you have Tiganesti Valley and Tiganesti Lake and on the right Ciubotei Valley. From here you can see Omu Peak and the weather station on Morarul plateau. Follow the contour line on the gentle side of Tiganesti edge and in about 30 minutes reach the base of Tiganesti Towers. The path is equipped with cables and chains and it climbs steeply between the towers, above Tiganesti Horn, up above them, where an impressive panoramic view opens towards Gaura Valley.
Soon get on Scara Peak (2,422 m), where you can see the traces of a former hemispherical mountain hut destroyed by the wind, connection with trail 22 (climbing from Ciubota Meadow). Continue through Hornurilor Saddle on the northern slope of Mount Bucsoiu and get to Omu Hut (2,507 m), the highest hut in the Carpathians. Omu Weather Station is next to the hut, being the highest permanent dwelling in Romania.



Inaccessible in winter.


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Bran - Şaua Ţigăneşti - Cabana Omu in Bucegi-Leaota, Braşov, Prahova is a medium/hard hiking trail.
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