Touristik Label - 205MN38: Braşov - Vf. Postăvaru - Cabana Trei Brazi - Predeal


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The trail starts from Solomon’s Rocks, at the end of the asphalt road (bus stop) (intersection with Trail 39). Follow the forest road for 160 meters and walk past the barrier on the road to Solomon’s Rocks and 640 meters further leave the road and veer right onto the wide path that leads to the picnic tables and the former fortress of Solomon’s Rocks. Walk past a signpost and tables and begin the ascent on the path through the deciduous forest. Walk for 575  m (20.6% slope) and get to the forest road that comes from Valea cu Apa valley. Turn left and 145 meters further leave the forest road and get onto the path to the left through the forest. The path runs parallel to the road for one kilometer and takes you back to the same forest road. Turn left and 365 meters further reach Poiana Nisipului meadow where the route is common with that of Trail 52. Climb one kilometer on the forest road and get to another wider forest road. Turn right and 130 meters further reach a crossroads. Trail 52 and a variation of Trail 33 continue to the right. Turn left and climb 130 meters along a dale (21.6% slope). Come across Trail 33 (right) and climb 90 meters alongside this trail until it continues to the left to Valea cu Apa valley. Walk up a dry dale for 380 meters (21.8% slope), turn right and go up the forest road for 300 meters (25% slope). The slope subsides, follow the road to the right and 170 meters further get to Drester meadow (intersection with Trail 53). Trail 53 continues to the right. Climb through the long Drester meadow to Crucuru ridge. Walk up for 250 meters (more or less the same slope), turn right through the forest, then left 135 meters further and follow the path that gently takes you up 580 meters to Crucuru ridge (intersection with Trails 32 and 49). Turn right and the gentle road continues along the ridge for 550 meters until it comes across a variation of Trail 53 (Pestera de Lapte cave - Crucuru ridge). The intersection with Trail 50 is 190 meters further (left). Continue for 285 meters and the upper part of Trail 51 is to your right. Walk for 300 meters on the left (climbing direction) side of Sulinar ski slope and get to the artificial lake in Ruia meadow. Walk around the left side of the lake (upstream) and reach Ruia chairlift pole. Continue straight ahead alongside Trail 49, cross the ski slope and walk along the forest road. An unmarked path turns left here and goes up the ski slope to Postavaru hut. You continue westwards, walk past the cable car line and a water station and reach the intersection with Trails 54 and 60. These two descend to Lupul ski slope. Turn left (common route with Trails 49, 54 and 60). Walk up 6 switchbacks for 435 m (18.2% slope) to Postavaru/Julius Romer hut (1,604 m). At the hut, Trails 49 and 54 and the unmarked path continue to the left along the ski slope. Walk straight/right along the contour line for 900 meters. To the left, a variation of the trail (18.5% slope) climbs three switchbacks to Cristian hut. Walk 270 meters further and a second variation of the trail goes up to Cristian hut (530 meters, 14% slope). Continue up to the highest point of the trail (1,634 m), the upper end of Trei Fetite meadow. Turn left and descend 70 meters through the meadow and get into the forest. Descend 150 meters (27.6% slope) through the forest, walk along a dale to the left for 20 meters, get out to the right in 540 meters and reach the second large meadow. Cross the upper end of the meadow to the left, veer right along the signposts and then turn left to the bottom of the meadow (about 1,265 m). Turn right and descend along Spinarea Calului. In 420 meters, walk past a rock step and 430 meters further reach the saddle located at an elevation of 1,090 m. Walk up to the right 120 meters through the thick bushes until you reach a forest road. Turn left and follow the forest road to the point called Spinarea Calului (1,020 m, intersection with Trail 45). Follow the wide path for 780 meters to Dealul Carbunarilor hill and then walk along the forest road for 2.3 km to the north-eastern end of Poiana Secuilor hut meadow. Get out of the forest and climb 100 meters to the left (intersection with Trail 46 and common route to Poiana Secuilor hut). Turn right and walk along the forest road for 340 meters until you reach Poiana Secuilor hut (1,070 m) (intersection with Trail 46). Follow the main road for 345 meters, get onto a path to the right and 310 meters further come across the variation of Trail 47 and continue 200 meters slightly uphill to the main road. Cross the road, climb 115 meters to the saddle before Trei Brazi plateau, get back on the main road, walk past the Fun Park Amusement Park and reach Trei Brazi hut (1,125 m). Turn left onto the paved road, walk along the road for 650 meters and turn right onto the path above the asphalt road (intersection with the variation of Trail 48). Walk for 270 meters along the path and get to the main asphalt road, turn right and after the first left turn get onto the path on your right. Follow the path for 990 meters above the asphalt road and return to the main road for 385 meters. Turn right onto the road that heads to the guesthouses and 90 meters further walk past the barrier at the end of the road. Continue down along the path for 290 meters to the intersection with Trail 48. From here, the two trails have a common itinerary. Descend to the villas and in 270 meters get to the asphalt road. Walk along the asphalt road to Vanatorilor (Hunters) hut, where a variation of the trail descends directly to Predeal train station. It goes down the first street below Hunters hut and in 270 meters it turns left onto some wooden steps, reaches a crucifix and turns right onto the street that goes down to Predeal Police station and further to Predeal train station on DN1 national road. Back to the original trail, from Hunters hut follow the main asphalt road for 730 meters to the upper end of Predeal on DN1 national road.


Braşov - Culmea Crucuru - Cabana Postăvaru/Juliu Romer - Vf. Postăvaru - Spinarea Calului - Cabana Poiana Secuilor - Cabana Trei Brazi - Predeal




inaccessible in winter between Postavaru Peak - Spinarea Calului


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Braşov - Vf. Postăvaru - Cabana Trei Brazi - Predeal in Braşov, Postavaru, Piatra Mare, Baiului is a medium hiking trail.
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