Touristik Label - 1105MN34: Braşov - Vf. Tâmpa - Valea Cetăţii


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The trail starts from the Drapers' Bastion located at one end of "Tiberiu Brediceanu" park in Brasov (common route with Trail 35). Climb 80 meters to the first stone stairs. Trail 35 continues to the right (shortcut on the stairs). Follow a long switchback to an information board (intersection with Trail 35) and turn left for 235 meters. Climb 20 meters difference in elevation on three switchbacks and continue east for 465 meters until you reach the starting point of the trail that goes up to Tampa. From here, a variation of the trail continues along the contour line for 100 meters and comes across Trail 33. You turn left, walk past Oskar Alesius’s bench and climb 180 meters (34.7% slope on the concrete steps built by Gabony in 1930-1931) to a platform where there is a wooden table and a viewpoint over the city of Brasov. Continue up the path equipped with metal railings and 50 meters further walk past the second wooden table and then 100 meters further past a wooden bench. Reach Tampa meadow. Walk past other two benches and a wooden table and walk uphill along the upper part of the meadow. Continue for 400 meters along Tampa ridge until you get to a relay antenna. Walk for 220 meters and reach the cable car station and Belvedere restaurant. Cross to the east side of it and continue along the forest road for 230 meters to the intersection with Trail 35. Head west and 30 meters further the unmarked path that goes to Brasov sign continues to the right.  Climb 100 meters to Tampa peak. Ruins of the old Brasovia fortress can be seen here, as well as an information board about the small Tampa nature reserve and another board describing the ancient fortress. Continue descending to the south (170 meters) along the poorly marked path to the western wall of the fortress and the chapel (information board). Walk along the forest road coming from Belvedere restaurant, turn right and descend 460 meters on the switchbacks to Tampa saddle (intersection with Trail 36). From the saddle, follow the contour line straight ahead (south) and descend 1.1 km to the intersection with Trail 33. Turn left and go down the forest road (common route with Trail 33) for 325 m to Cetatea valley (bar and folk shop).


Braşov - Treptele lui Gabony - Vf. Tâmpa - Şaua Tâmpa - Valea Cetăţii




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Braşov - Vf. Tâmpa - Valea Cetăţii in Braşov, Postavaru, Piatra Mare, Baiului is a medium hiking trail.
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