Touristik Label - 602MN12: Cabana Gura Râului-La Table-Moieciu de Jos


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The trail starts at Gura Raului Hut. Follow Trail 10 from the center of Zarnesti and then for another 1.6 km on the main road (parallel to Trails 10 and 11). Continue on the forest road, after one kilometer come across Trail 23 and after another 670 meters reach the barrier at the entrance in Prapastiile Zarnestilor gorge. Continue for two kilometers through the gorge (there are rock climbing routes on the walls: Pin Pin, MCM, Surplomba and Arcada) and reach a triptych which marks the entrance to Pisicii Gorge. Trail 10 continues ahead. Turn left towards the gorge (about 200 m). Pisicii Gorge is wild cat markings are rare. Walk among the close walls (2.5 - 3 meters), climb among rocks and fallen trees and after 700 meters reach a clearing where you clomb to the right to the road on Vladusca Valley. Walk upstream on the road for 560 meters, come across Trail 19 and continue on the road for 1.2 km. When you reach Sistoaca Vlaicului (coming from the right, west) get out of the road and climb 250 meters on the right slope (geographically) of Vladusca Valley. Get on on the left slope and after 90-100 meters reach the eastern part of Vladusca Meadow, where you come across Trail 18. From here, both trails cross a short wooded area and take you to Vladusca Saddle / La Table (intersection with Trails 5, 18, 24, 27, 29). Trails 5, 18, 27, 29 continue ahead. Turn left (east) to Joaca Saddle. Walk up the tractor road for 800 meters (60 meters elevation gain) on the western slope of Popii Hill to Joaca Saddle (1437 m) (common route with Trail 24). Trail 24 continues ahead (south). Turn left 90 degrees (east). Descend on a wide and deep path to a large meadow between Popii Hill (1514 m), Joaca Peak (1478 m), Coja Mountain (1521m) and Sparturi Peak (1516 m). From here, descend on the tractor road on Pietrelor Valley for about 1.2 km. The road takes you in northeast direction, descending above the last houses of the village of Pestera. After Padina Priporului, reach the intersection with Trails 19 (left) and 23 (ahead). Turn south on the wagon road, after about 300 meters walk past Casa Folea guesthouse and reach Nobilis Hotel after 750 m, going round lui Stravat Peak (1235 m). The road continues to the left down on Baltacioara Valley to the village of Magura. Continue on the main road to the south / east and then east for 1.9 km to the village church. After about 1 kilometer down south / east on the main road with 6 switchbacks, you come across an arrow that indicates Liliecilor Cave (left, 10-15 minutes, on the hill below the church). After 900 meters, there is a triptych on the right and then Casa Boiereasca guesthouse and the road continues for the next 4.5 km to DN73 in Moieciu de Jos.


Cabana Gura Râului (750 m) - Fântâna lui Botorog - Prăpăstiile Zărneştilor - Cheile Pisicii - La Table - Şaua Joaca (1445 m) - Casa Folea (1190 m) - Peştera - Moieciu de Jos


Rare trail markers in Cheile Pisicii gorge, rare trail markers between Casa Folea guesthouse and Moieciu de Jos (the main road of the village of Pestera).


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Cabana Gura Râului-La Table-Moieciu de Jos in Braşov, Argeş, Piatra Craiului is a medium/hard Hiking trail.
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