Touristik Label - 410MN15: Cabana Râmeţ - Brădești - Sălciua de Jos


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From Ramet Monastery walk towards the gorge, past several cottages and a few old houses. After 3 km, the road ends and you walk up along the stream, entering the wild gorge. In some places, the walls are so close that you have to walk on the loops fixed on the slopes or take your clothes off and get into the water. It is only recommended to go through the water in summertime, when the weather is hot. After you get out of the gorge, the isolated Cheia hamlet is waiting for you with its derelict houses and stables, overgrown with vegetation. A few warm-hearted people are rebuilding the traditional houses displaying old objects that will be part of an "ethnographic conservation site". Change direction northward and continue along Bradesti valley. Cross Geogel stream and get to a signpost indicating a visit to Geogel Gorge, a deviation to the left (west). Return to the trail and continue along the valley, walk up through a beech forest and then between the houses in the village of Bradesti. Reach the hilltop and DJ107I county road. From here, the trail marking follows DC104 commune road that descends gently to the north, along Poienii valley, through the scattered village bearing the same name (Valea Poienii). Vanatarile Ponorului nature reserve remains to your left after. Walk past a crucifix and get to the intersection with trail 5 (blue stripe). From Bradesti to this point you have walked for almost 6 km. Descend through the forest to the entrance to Huda lui Papara cave, where there is a spring and resting place, the endpoint of trails 2 (red triangle) and 3 (yellow stripe). Sub Piatra Monastery is 150 m further away. There are several guesthouses, cottages and old houses in the area. Sub Piatra (‘below the rock’) settlement has been inhabited since ancient times and it is full of legends. From here, the trail descends to the village of Salciua on good road, partly paved, along Valea Morilor (the Valley of the Mills).


Cabana Râmeţ - Cheile Râmeţului (prin apă) - Cheia - Brădești - Valea Poienii - Sub Piatră - Sălciua de Jos




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Cabana Râmeţ - Brădești - Sălciua de Jos in Alba, Trascău is a medium hiking trail.
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