Touristik Label - 325MN07: Complexul Turistic Muntele Mic - Vf. Nedeia (Mătania) - Lacul Gura Apei (Tomeasa)


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The trail starts in Muntele Mic Resort, near Cerbul Hut, and follows the county road descending toward Borlova for 1 km. Once you get to a small construction on the right side of the road, you follow the path and signposts to get to a sheepfold. Here, you cross the road and descend to Jigoria Saddle through meadows and a mixed forest. Along the way, you get to the intersection with three serpentines of the abovementioned road, which you cross tangentially. Between the tourist complex and the saddle, you have hiked for 1 hour. You continue to the south and soon reach Prisaca Meadow and the intersection with the yellow stripe trail connecting the chair lift on Craiul Valley and Poiana Marului Resort. You continue toward Seroni Meadow, a good lookout point toward Mount Tarcu. This is also the intersection with the blue stripe trail, which descends to Varatica Meadow and then to Podul Craiului. Between Jigoria Saddle and Seroni Meadow, you have hiked for an additional hour. After 200 m to the south, as you pass through the coniferous forest, you reach the intersection with the blue cross trail, which facilitates the access to Podul Craiului. You continue toward Cuntu on the forest road. Within 1 hour, you reach the meadow hosting Cuntu Weather Station. A few disused sheepfolds and a small lake can also be found in the same meadow. Next, there is a 2½-3-hour climb toward Mount Tarcu. You follow the mathematical ridge of the Sadovan and the cairns and signposts accompanying the path. Along the way, you also reach the intersection with the tractor road that supplies for Tarcu weather station several times. Tarcu Peak provides good views toward Muntele Mic, Brusturu Peak and Caleanu Peak, as well as toward Mount Godeanu. The northern slope hosts Oboroacele cirque and Tarcu tarn. To get from the peak to Iapa Saddle you need 4 to 5 hours. You descend from the peak to the north, toward Plaiului Saddle. Here, you reach the intersection with the red cross trail heading toward Caleanu and Poiana Marului. You also reach the intersection with the sheep road coming in from the left, which starts below Sadoveanu Peak and crosses the cirques. However, your trail continues to the right, where it slightly descends to the north-east to reach Suculet Saddle and the intersection with the red dot trail to the right, which makes the connection with Mount Godeanu via Prislop Ridge. You continue toward Schei Saddle and Nedeia (Matania) Peak to the north-east. As you climb toward Nedeia (Matania) Peak, you can see Lucios tarn to the right. Once on the peak, panoramic views toward Muntele Mic, Retezat, Godeanu and Tarcu open up. To the left, you get to the intersection with the blue triangle trail, which starts in Poiana Marului and climbs along Nedeia Ridge. You continue on the ridge, heading toward Iapa Saddle, the final descent toward the saddle is on tight bends. The saddle separates the drainage basins of Bistra Marului (west) and Corcoaia (east). From Iapa Saddle to Gura Apei Dam you need another 2½-3 hours. You descend from the saddle toward Corciova springs to the east. In the spring area, you come across a disused sheepfold and Corciova tarn. You descend along the left side of the valley. Shortly, you go onto the path descending toward the lake contour road through the coniferous forest. From here, you follow the left road leading toward the dam.


Complexul Turistic Muntele Mic - Cuntu - Şaua Plaiului - Vf. Ţarcu - Şaua Şuculeţului - Şaua Şcheiului - Vf. Nedeia (Mătania) - Şaua lepii - Valea Corciova - Lacul Gura Apei (Tomeasa)



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Complexul Turistic Muntele Mic - Vf. Nedeia (Mătania) - Lacul Gura Apei (Tomeasa) in Hunedoara, Caraş-Severin, Godeanu-Ţarcu-Muntele Mic is a hard Hiking trail.


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