Touristik Label - 325MN14: Curmătura Olanelor - Vf. Godeanu - Şaua Paltina


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The ridge trail of the Godeanu Mountains stretches between Olanelor Saddle (making the connection with the Cerna Mountains) and Paltina (Soarbele) Saddle (connection with Retezatul Mic) and follows the sheep roads that have been used by shepherds for hundreds of years. From Olanelor Saddle to Godeanu Peak you have to do a 4-5-hour hike. From the saddle, you climb toward the eastern slope of Olanele Peak, bypassing the peak on the right. You descend toward the saddle below Balmos Peak, where you reach the intersection with the red triangle trail climbing from Cerna Sat village onto Osla Ridge. You continue toward Godeanu Peak to the north-east. Along the way, you come across the first cairns made and used by shepherds for orientation in case of bad weather. The section between Godeanu Peak and Cracul Mocirliu secondary ridge is a 1-hour hike. From Godeanu Peak, you descend to the west for 300 m, then you turn right at the forking near a large cairn. However, if you choose the alternative route to the right, you follow the red dot trail heading toward Tarcu over Prislop Ridge. You continue to the east, then to the north-east, and along the way, you can admire Godeanu tarn, Iovanul Lake, and Mount Tarcu. On Cracul Mocirliu secondary ridge, you can head toward Iovanul Lake to the south on an unmarked trail or toward Gugu Peak to the north, the trail also unmarked. The section between Mount Morarul and Piatra Scarisoarei Peak is a 1-hour hike. After you bypass the peak on the left, you get to the intersection with the red cross trail climbing from Iovanul Lake. From here to Galbena Peak you need to walk approximately 2 hours on the ridge. Along the way, you can see Scarisoara Lake to the left and you will climb Micusa Peak. The section between Galbena Peak and Paltina (Soarbele) Saddle is an approximately 3-hour hike. Past Galbena Peak, there is a pronounced descent toward a saddle, where, to the right, you reach the intersection with the trail climbing on Cracul Gardomanu secondary ridge from Cerna karst spring. Next, you climb toward Paltina Peak and then descend into Paltina (Soarbele) Saddle. From here, you can continue toward Retezatul Mic on the red stripe trail or descend toward Campusel on the red dot trail along Soarbele Valley or descend toward Lunca Berhina along the red triangle trail.


Curmătura Olanelor - Vf. Godeanu - Vf. Bulzului - Vf. Micuşa - Vf. Galbena - Şaua Paltina


The trail is not accessible in winter.


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Curmătura Olanelor - Vf. Godeanu - Şaua Paltina in Hunedoara, Gorj, Caraş-Severin, Godeanu-Ţarcu-Muntele Mic is a hard Hiking trail.


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