Touristik Label - 307MN01D: Fereastra Mare a Sâmbetei - Curmatura Lerescu


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From Fereastra Mare a Sambetei u-shaped saddle, walk eastward and climb several peaks until you get below Cheia Bandei Peak. From here, two trails continue together over Cheia Bandei Peak, one continues along the ridge and descends to the village of Lisa and the other one descends westward towards Valea Sambetei Hut. Walk to the south, below Varful lui Mogos Peak. From the saddle located on the eastern side of this peak, a trail continues over Urlea Peak and descends to the village of Breaza, past the former Urlea Hut. Continue to the south-southeast below the ridge, on the southern slope of the mountain, and get to a small saddle. From here, you can descend north to Urlea Lake or to the mountain hut near the lake, or you can continue towards the former Urlea Hut. Gradually climb from the saddle and reach the ridge again, a knife-like section of the ridge. The ridge suddenly turns eastward. From this point, if you go west, you reach the Dara Peak and Hartopu Peak, both more than 2,500 meters above sea level. Continue eastward and after several ups and downs and a longer descent, reach Curmatura Zarnei Saddle, where there is also a Mountain Rescue Hut. If you walk north-northwest, you can go down to Curmatura Mosului Saddle and the former Urlea Hut. From the saddle, the winding trail climbs up and gets below Zarna Peak and then reaches the ridge. Turn to the south-southeast, continue on the souther slope and walk below Ludisor Peak. Descend on the wide grassland and reach Curmatura Bratilei Saddle, where you find a Mountain Rescue Hut. From here, you can descend to the north and get to the village of Dejani. From Curmatura Bratilei Saddle you can also walk south towards Iezer-Papusa Massif. Climb further and reach Curmatura Vladului Saddle, continue on the southern slope, below the peaks rising from the main ridge and get below Berevoescu Mare Peak. From here, continue northward and you can descend along Scoarta edge to the villages of Malinis or Recea (over Piciorul Batran secondary ridge). After 10 minutes, if you follow the trail to the north, you get to the Mountain Rescue Hut, which is in a much better condition than the old mountain rescue hut south of the trail. The ridge becomes wide and gentle, walk past Lutelor Saddle, easily descend and walk below Comisu Peak (there is a mountain rescue hut close to the peak). Continue the gradual descent and get to an area with dwarf mountain pines, in Comisu Saddle, where you can descend to the north, on Sebes Valley, and reach the villages of Malinis or Margineni. Climb up Lerescu Peak and continue through an area which is increasingly covered by vegetation and go into the forest. Walk through several meadows and reach a logging area. To the south, there is an area of massive logging. Cross several forest roads that reach the area around the ridge. Orientation might be difficult in this area. From Curmatura Lerescului Mic Saddle, go down through the woods and reach Rudarita Forest Lodge.


Fereastra Mare a Sâmbetei - Curmatura Bratilei - Curmatura Lerescu




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Fereastra Mare a Sâmbetei - Curmatura Lerescu in Braşov, Argeş, Făgăraş is a hard hiking trail.
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