Touristik Label - 623MN25: Fosta Cabană Fântânele - Cantonul Silvic Măgura - Şaua Şerbănei


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On the initial section, the trail shares its route with the blue triangle trail. After approximately 1 hour of walking through forest and small meadow sections, the road splits. The blue cross trail turns right toward the west, whereas you turn left. After a short while, you get near a sheepfold, where you turn right, and walk below Curmatura Peak. You continue along the bare ridge and walk below Piscul Vulturului Peak. You reach the meadow below Ardeiului Hill, where you go into the thick forest to the left and continue on a narrow path to the intersection with a road for articulated tractors, which you then follow in a pronounced descent to Raul Mic Valley, to the small meadow where Stramba Forest Lodge is situated. You cross Raul Mic brook and follow the forest road climbing along Foltea brook for approximately 200-300 m. You leave the road to go onto a path to the left and climb through the forest, in an initially steeper and then more gentle climb. After approximately half an hour, you reach a vast meadow, Gura Raului Meadow, where Magura Forest Lodge is situated. From here, you descend gently on the forest road toward Raul Mare brook, where Niculesti Forest Lodge can be found. This is the intersection with the red triangle and blue triangle trails. You set out downstream and after 300-400 m you cross a bridge over Raul Mare brook to then follow the forest road climbing along Besineu brook for approximately 5 km until you reach the rehabilitated forest lodge. Approximately 250 m before reaching the forest lodge, you cross Besineu brook and then follow the marked path to the right in a gentle climb through the forest. You leave the forest after approximately 1 hour and continue along the stream of a small brook in a gentle climb until you reach a meadow, where the trail markers disappear. However, upon shortly crossing a blueberry bush area and the forest, you reach Serbanei Saddle and the intersection with the ridge trail markers. For an easier hike, the trail can be split into two, from Niculesti Forest Lodge to Serbanei Saddle (2-3 hours) or from the same Niculesti Forest Lodge to the former Fantanele Hut (4 hours).


Fosta Cabană Fântânele - Piscul Vulturului - Râul Mic - Cantonul Silvic Măgura - Râul Mare (Cantonul Silvic Niculesti) - Valea Beşineu - Şaua Şerbănei




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Fosta Cabană Fântânele - Cantonul Silvic Măgura - Şaua Şerbănei in Sibiu, Cindrel is a medium hiking trail.
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