Touristik Label - 1005MN47: Pârâul Rece - Cheile Râşnoavei - Piscul Lung


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The trail starts in Paraul Rece resort, behind the resort hotel bearing the same name. Descend behind the hotel’s fence to the upper part of the ski slope and then walk down 320 m on the right side of the slope (33.6% slope) until you reach a dale descending to the forest. Walk down the dale (rare trail markers!) for 400 meters (25.2% slope) to Pietrosul stream. Cross the water to the left and climb the dirt road 60 meters to the barrier at the end of the road. Walk to the west 40 meters and turn right onto the forest road that climbs to the Holy Trinity monastery. Follow the first four switchbacks for 640 meters and when you get to the fourth turn left along the power line. Walk for 125 meters and cross the road. Keep climbing along the power poles. Walk up 290 meters through the monastery’s meadow (the unfinished monastery is to the left), slightly turn to the right and 60 meters further follow the path along the contour line for 300 meters. Walk past the first spring, 180 meters further walk past the second one and continue for 370 meters along the slightly upward contour line to the third spring. There is another one 110 meters further away. Climb 40 meters to the left (31% slope) and get out of the forest in the lower end (west) of Trei Brazi hut meadow. Climb 375 meters through the meadow (east, 13.9% slope) until you reach Trei Brazi hut and hotel (1,125 m). Turn left 90 degrees onto a dirt road to the north. Walk along the contour line for 550 meters, cross the territory of a sheepfold, walk below Morarul peak (1,194 m) and descend 435 m (15.1% slope) along the dirt road to a small meadow. A variation of the trail continues along an old dirt road heading to Poiana Secuilor hut. Follow this road for 1.3 km to the west, get out of the forest and climb 100 meters along the meadow that connects Trei Brazi hut to Poiana Secuilor hut (intersection with Trail 38). Back to the original route, from the meadow turn slightly to the left and continue the descent along the path for 470 meters (16.7% slope) until you get to a large meadow. Cross the meadow (there is a signpost in the middle of the meadow) and climb 165 meters (slope 21%) to Dealul cu Mesteceni hill. From the peak, a constant 850-meter descent (19.7% slope) takes you down to Tocilita valley (intersection with Trail 46). Turn left onto the road (common route with Trail 46 to the end of Rasnoava Gorge) and 150 meters further Trail 45 appears from your right from Cheia valley. Walk straight ahead 670 meters to a wooden platform (right) and 145 meters to a wooden dam on the left. Continue 140 meters and then, walk 750 meters through the narrowest part of Rasnoava Gorge (via ferrata starting point, bungee jumping). Leave Valea Lunga recreation area and continue 215 m down the road to the end of the gorge. Trails 45 and 46 continue straight ahead. Turn right past a metal gate. Go up the meadow and 145 meters further turn left through the forest. Descend 30 meters to the stream and walk 160 meters to the right on the other side of it, along the edge of the forest. Walk around a wooden fence and in 260 meters reach the upper end of the houses. Continue north, cross the dirt road 315 meters further and walk for another 360 meters to a large meadow. Walk past a lone oak in the middle of the meadow and descend the dirt road to Poienii valley (intersection with Trail 61). Walk 230 meters upstream along the road (alongside Trail 61) and veer left to climb Piscul Lung peak. Walk up the dirt road 225 m (26.7% slope) and veer right on the edge of Piscul Lung peak. Continue the gradual ascent for 340 meters, a dirt road heads off to the left, walk straight ahead 950 meters along the dirt road and reach Piscul Lung peak (874 m). From the peak, descend along the path 330 m to the intersection with Trail 59.


Pârâul Rece - Valea Pietrosu - Cabana Trei Brazi - sub Vf. Morarului - Valea Tociliţa - Cheile Râşnoavei - Valea Poienii - Piscul Lung




trail markers are sparse along Paraul Rece ski slope; trail markers are sparse on Piscul Lung ridge


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Pârâul Rece - Cheile Râşnoavei - Piscul Lung in Braşov, Postavaru, Piatra Mare, Baiului is a medium hiking trail.
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