Touristik Label - 105MN17: Săcele - Pârâul Morii - Valea Gârcin - Cabana Renţea


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From Sacele, walk uphill on Morii street (alongside Trail 18 to Garcin valley) for 1.1 km until the last houses and continue 840 meters to an elevation of about 800 meters. The main road is called "seven springs" and it veers left onto Cernat valley, reaching the saddle between Bradet (1,073 m) and Highis (1,058 m) peaks. Climb the right side of Bradet secondary ridge, along a forest road, up to the saddle between Bradet (1,073 m) and Carbunari (1,319 m) peaks, at an elevation of 960 m. Descend the same forest road for 540 meters to a large meadow and turn left over the lower part of the meadow, where there is also a hunting observatory. An unmarked road descends through this meadow to the ostrich farm. Follow the road through the forest (rare trail markers) for 460 meters and turn left onto another forest road (the other continuing straight ahead). Follow this road for 860 meters, taking you to Garcin valley past the right side of the ostrich farm (intersection with Trail 16). Trails 16 and 18 continue to the right and you walk 120 meters downstream. Trail 16 continues straight ahead. Turn right to cross Garcin stream. Climb 400 meters through the meadow and follow the road through the forest, on a dale formed in the upper part of Ursu creek. An old wooden bridge takes you to a meadow where you turn left. Walk 70 meters through the meadow, 140 meters through the forest and get to the second meadow. Climb 200 meters through this meadow and get into the forest. From here, follow the ridge for 700 meters (13.6% slope) and come across Trail 16 heading from Carbunari ridge. Turn right and walk alongside Trail 15. Walk through the meadows west of Talfa peak for 850 meters and reach the main road access to Rentea military unit. Walk south 1.3 km, come across Trails 1 and 16 on your right and follow the main road for 1.8 km to the barrier of the Rentea hut (now a military unit).


Săcele - Pârâul Morii - Valea Gârcin - Cabana Renţea (acum unitate militară)




trail markers are sparse from the saddle between Bradet and Carbunarea peaks to the access road to the Rentea hut (now a military unit)


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Săcele - Pârâul Morii - Valea Gârcin - Cabana Renţea in Braşov, Postavaru, Piatra Mare, Baiului is an easy/medium hiking trail.
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