Touristik Label - 1005MN33: Şaua Tâmpei - Valea Cetăţii - Poiana Braşov


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From Dobrogeanu Gherea street (Brasov), go up past an information board and 86 meters further reach the variation of Trail 34. Turn right and walk along the contour line for 1.4 km (wide promenade). Walk past a second information board and continue for 535 meters to the dam on Racadau reservoir. There is a big spring on the right. Continue on the left side of Cetatea valley and 575 meters further reach the end of the valley, where there is a bar and a folk shop. From here, climb to the right on a forest road (common route with Trail 34 for a short period of time). Walk up the forest road for 325 meters and Trail 34 continues to the right towards Tampa saddle. Turn left, slightly uphill for 550 meters to the intersection with the forest road on Cetatea valley. Cross the water to the left and climb up the forest road for 600 meters. Further, the forest road along Hotilor valley continues for 360 meters and then turns into a footpath along the stream for 635 meters. Turn right and get away from the stream. The 200-meter climb takes you past a spring. Turn right uphill for 300 meters and then turn left and walk for 435 meters to reach the intersection with Trail 36. Turn left uphill, walk up the ridge for 370 meters and soon, Trail 36 continues to the left. Descend 245 meters to a few wooden tables on the left and another 60 meters to Valea cu Apa stream. Get on the left side of the valley and gently walk up 530 meters to the ridge (arrows). Turn left and climb 625 meters (17.2% slope, 1,180 m) and then descend (600 meters) to Drumul Galben road (Trail 38). Descend 90 meters to the right along this route and turn left (Trail 38 remains ahead) to the paved road on Poiana lui Stechil street (intersection with Trail 53). Turn right onto the paved road and walk for 240 meters until you reach the intersection with Trail 52. Here, a variation of Trail 33 heads to the right along the forest road for 230 meters until it gets to the intersection with Trail 38 (common route with Trail 52). Continue descending along Poiana lui Stechil street and 730 meters further reach Poiana Brasov (intersection with Trail 39).


Şaua Tâmpei - Valea Cetăţii - Valea cu Apă - Poiana Braşov




trail markers are sparse between Tampa saddle and Racadau/Valea Cetatii dam


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Şaua Tâmpei - Valea Cetăţii - Poiana Braşov in Braşov, Postavaru, Piatra Mare, Baiului is a medium hiking trail.
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