Touristik Label - 323MN01: oraş Cisnădie - Şaua Bătrâna - Vârful Cindrel - Cabana Oaşa


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The ridge trail: The trail starts in the town of Cisnadie, on Magurii Street, which goes into Livezii Street, which you follow to the edge of the town, from where you continue through the forest along a wide forest road for approximately 4 km up to Marinica’s Forest Lodge. Up to here, the trail is accompanied by the red cross marking. You leave the red cross marking to the right and continue on the trail along an old cart road. Initially, the trail is accompanied by the bike trail. You follow the winding road passing through the broadleaf forest. Farther up, your trail splits from the bike trail to continue along a steeper path to the right, which takes you out near Magura Mountain Hut, the intersection with the bike trail once again and the red cross trail slightly farther up, from where you reach onto Magura Peak shortly (2-3 hours from the starting point). From Magura Peak, you descend along the hill situated in front of you toward Magura Saddle on a wide path, past a sheepfold. Once in the saddle, you get to the intersection with the blue triangle trail heading toward Cisnadioara to the right and the red dot trail heading toward Sadu Valley to the left. You continue on the trail heading toward the west and within a few minutes you reach a spring, where you turn left through the forest to reach Trandafirilor Meadow within 5-10 minutes, where Rosengarten Mountain Hut is situated. From here, you climb the steep hill in front of you to get on Dragut Peak. Next, there is a long up and down section. The trail continues through grazing lands and hayfields, where sheepfolds and summer huts can be found. Along the way, you cross Derjani Hill and then you walk past the small Dosu Albului Peak. Shortly afterward, you get to the intersection with the blue stripe trail heading to Rasinari and within a few minutes you reach Apa Cumpanita Saddle. Next, you follow the wide path through the forest, below Ghihan Peak and Tomnatec Peak to shortly reach Tomnatec Meadow, where there is an abandoned forest lodge and a junction. The trail continues to the left through the forest, along a rockier path in a slight ascent, and reaches a small meadow called La Icoana. As you continue along the trail, you reach Lupilor Meadow and the intersection with the blue triangle trail, which leads to the summer village of Santa to the right. You continue ahead along the wide path through the fir forest, heading toward Gradina Oncesti Meadow, the intersection with the blue dot trail, which takes you from the meadow to the upper chair lift station in Paltinis if you continue to the right. From Oncesti Meadow, you follow the wide path going into the forest to the left, in a slight ascent and accompanied by the blue dot trail up to Muncel Forest Lodge in Muncel Meadow. From here, you continue to the left, following the so-called Transcindrel road, which connects Paltinis to Sadului Valley. You follow the road for a few hundreds of meters, past a forest nursery, to reach a fork, leave the Transcindrel road and continue on a rocky road in a slight ascent to the right. Initially, the trail crosses the forest to leave it farther up and continue below Batrana Peak to shortly reach Batrana Saddle and the intersection with the red cross trail. You also leave Surdu Peak behind to your right and after a short descent, you reach Rozdesti Saddle. Next, a moderate climb along the wide path takes you below Rozdesti Peak, then the trail becomes slightly flat, to then start the descent and reach Serbanei Saddle (approximately 3 hours from Muncel Meadow). This is the intersection with the red cross trail. Slightly farther ahead, the red dot trail begins, leading to Canaia Mountain Hut to the left and then to Steflesti Saddle. You continue along the path to the right in a gentle ascent. After a short while, you walk below Niculesti Peak to the right, crossing dwarf pine areas. Next, the trail climbs and descends going over two smaller peaks and into an unmarked saddle. Then, you walk below Canaia Peak to the left, where a slight descent toward Canaia Saddle begins. This is the intersection with the blue triangle trail, which leads to Canaia Mountain Hut and Sadu Valley, and the blue triangle trail heading toward Raul Mare Valley. From here, the path begins to climb more moderately, crossing a few dwarf pine areas and shortly, you begin to descend toward Cindrel Saddle and the intersection with the red triangle trail, which descends to Iezerul Mare Lake and then to Cindrel Mountain Hut. From Cindrel Saddle, you begin the final climb toward Cindrel Peak (2244 m), which you reach after approximately 2 hours from Serbanei Saddle. Several roadside crosses can be found on the peak and the rock that marks it. This is also the intersection with the red cross trail. From the peak, you follow the path to the west, the trail initially being accompanied by the blue stripe trail, you set out in a slight descent, cross the Devil’s Plateau (Platoul Diavolului) and after approximately 1 hour you get on Frumoasa Peak, where the blue stripe trail splits to the right. You continue ahead, crossing vast grasslands and hayfields. You walk past Serbota Mare Peak to your left and begin a gentle descent through the grazing land. You walk past Serbota Ridge, to then reach a road section called Tourists’ Road (Drumul Turistilor). You reach a forest area, a resting place with a small bench before you enter the forest. You cross the forest relatively quickly to reach a vast grazing land, where a sheepfold is also situated. You cross the area known as the Gentlemen’s Ridge (Culmea Domnilor), to then get on Oasa Mare Peak. From here, the trail continues along a long path through the forest, in an initially moderate, then pronounced descent toward Oasa Lake and Oasa Hut, which you reach after approximately 5 hours from Cindrel Peak, however not before reaching the intersection with the Transalpina road.


oraş Cisnădie - Vârful Măgura - Refugiul Rosengarten - Apa Cumpănită - Grădina Onceşti - Canton Muncel - Şaua Bătrâna - Şaua Şerbănei - Şaua Cânaia - Şaua Cindrel - Vârful Cindrel - Vârful Frumoasa - Vârful Oaşa Mare - Cabana Oaşa




Accessible in the winter months using complex winter gear.


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oraş Cisnădie - Şaua Bătrâna - Vârful Cindrel - Cabana Oaşa in Sibiu, Cindrel is a hard hiking trail.
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