Touristik Label - 816MN25: Chiril - Gemenea


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In the village of Chiril, 175A Transrarau road makes a large curve to the left, 2.8 km from DN 17B national road. This is the starting point for the trail. A double arrow is painted on a power pole, pointing to Rarau and Gemenea. Head to Gemenea on the road on Magura Valley and after about 500 m there is a barrier next to the last house in Chiril. Continue on the forest road over 1.5 km and after a bridge there is a beautiful meadow on the left (N) with a summer house and a resting place. Here, leave the road and continue on another road to the left, past the house and up along a creek (pay attention, there is one more road that climbs to the left and moves away from the brook). After about 100 m from the house cross the stream and climb a forest road to the right (E). This is where the first yellow dot markers appear and you follow them from now on. After several shortcuts cutting the winding road, the marking comes out into a secondary ridge and follows it for about 500 m, then leaves it to the right on a road cut into the mountainside. In just 100 m, this road turns into a path, but after another 80 m a road comes from the left and soon takes you to Prislop Saddle (Chiril) and the intersection with trail 3 (red stripe). For the descent, keep the same direction on a clear tractor road, in small serpentines. After a steady descent, get on the road that goes up along Prislop creek. After a short time - at a hunting shelter - it becomes very good, accessible to ordinary cars. After about 1 km get to the first houses in Gemenea. But from here to the center of the village - at the church - there are almost 5 km. If you do the trek in the opposite direction, it will be quite difficult to find the tractor road that splits to the left from the road on the valley. The distance between the hunting shelter and this important intersection is about 450 m.


Chiril - Valea Măgura (Chiril) - Curmătura Prislop (Chiril ) - Valea Prislop - Valea Hojda - Gemenea




Trail markers are old and slightly visible, only present in the forest.


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Chiril - Gemenea in Suceava, Giumalău-Rarău is a medium Hiking trail.
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