Touristik Label - 716MN06: popas Zugreni - Vf. Giumalău - gara Valea Putnei


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Opposite Zugreni Hut (currently not included in the tourist circuit) there is a place where you can have a break. This is the starting point for trails 6 (blue dot), 9 (yellow cross) and 10 (red triangle). Follow the forest road along Colbu brook for about 600 m, then a signpost invites you to turn left. Climb steeply on a road that later turns into a path through a dry valley. Then the trail leaves the valley to the left (SW) and climbs to some cliffs on Piciorul Tepuselor secondary ridge, which you follow from this point. The climb is no longer that steep, the trail follows a beautiful path on this ridge, with views of the valley here and there. After you get out of the forest, a relatively steep climb takes you through blueberry bushes and the path cuts the serpentines of a small road. Get above Giumalau Hut and reach the intersection with trail 7 (red cross). The two trails run together to reach the hut in less than 400 m. From here, start to climb up the peak on a well marked road with not less than 10 signposts. Up on top the view is very beautiful in all directions. This is the maximum elevation in the massif and on clear days you can easily identify Rarau, Ceahlau, Pietrosul Bistritei, Calimani, Suhard, Rodnei, and other peaks and mountains. After resting and enjoying the scenery start walking on a clear ridge to the north. Walk past some rocks, which can be avoided on a road on the right (E), then past a beautiful narrow valley with rocks and dwarf pines. Continue on the well-marked path along the ridge, leave the red dot trail that descends to Pojorata on the right, then cross two clusters of forest. At the exit of the second, in a wide meadow, you can identify Alunul Peak. Here the trail has two variations - both marked - one climbs over the peak and the other one goes around it on the left, on a path along the contour line, through the forest. Whichever you choose, you finally get to a large meadow - called Sapele - where there is a sheepfold and some wooden constructions, which can be used as shelter in case of bad weather. From here, the trail continues its easy descent, first through the forest, on the ridge, interrupted only by a small clearing. Next, it runs through wooded areas and clearings in different stages of restoration. Finally the road descends steeply and gets 200 m NE from Valea Putnei train station. To get to the station you follow a road and then a path along the train tracks. On DN17 national road, 350 meters above, there is a signpost for both trail 4 (yellow stripe) and 6 (blue dot).


popas Zugreni - Piciorul Ţepușelor - Cabana Giumalău - Vf. Giumalău - Vf. Chilia - Vf. Alunul - Poiana Sapele - gara Valea Putnei




In the area of Giumalau Peak, the trail can be dangerous in winter depending on the quantity and quality of the snow.


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popas Zugreni - Vf. Giumalău - gara Valea Putnei in Suceava, Giumalău-Rarău is a medium hiking trail.
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