Touristik Label - 322MN08: Baru - lângă Vf. Paltinului - Traseul BA


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The poorly visible trail markers start in the village of Baru, at the entrance onto the road on Strei Valley (also known locally as the Rocky River/Raul Petros). Within 4.5 km, you leave a water tank to the right and cross the river through its shallow part. Unfortunately, a bridge has not been set up here yet (i.e. 2018). You climb along the river through the river meadow for approximately 400 m, go into the forest as you get opposite a red precipice (a small open pit) and begin a steep climb. Note that a particularly strong spring is situated on the side of the road, 300 m uphill from this open pit, on the left bank (right as you climb). The path is poorly-defined, however very well-marked here and it zigzags up steeply. There are some cliffs near the end of the steep climb, as well as a cave that can provide shelter from the rain. Also, if you go off the path slightly, you can enjoy the view from a lookout point. You come out into a string of meadows lined up along the dry Lola Valley, which you cross in a slight climb. You walk past several sinkholes, a sheepfold and through forest clumps. In a meadow, next to a shelter (where you come across the NGMC park boundary signs), you change the direction to go slightly to the right (northeast). You walk between several hazelnut bushes and finally come out of the forest at Piatra Poienii Peak, where you can enjoy the view from the edge of a cliff once more. You follow a narrow wooded ridge, trail markers being scarce for a while, yet emerging again shortly. You cross several meadows, forest clumps and the poorly-defined path and the scarce trail markers are difficult to follow. You walk around an enclosed area to the right (east), then you come out into a large meadow, where you need to jump over a fence. You climb in the same difficult landscape (hazelnut bushes, a poorly-defined path) up to Bulzu Peak with a steep slope (lookout point). Here, you change the direction to go to the left (west) and descend steeply bypassing a shelter around the right, then crossing its orchard to reach a saddle, where you come across a narrow road. You keep the same direction, now following the narrow road, which runs via a beech clump and climbs onto another ridge, where you turn slightly to the right, reestablishing the general north-northeastern direction of the trail. Several ups and downs take you between fences, past shelters, then you leave the grassy road to go onto a path that bypasses Paltinu Peak around the right (east), through the forest, past several springs. Once out of the forest and at the end of the detour, you get to the road once again, which then bypasses the following smaller peak around the left (west) to then go into the forest to the right (east), making a longer detour along a beautiful route. You come out of the forest and get into a saddle, where you slightly turn left and then descend to Ponor (Ohaba) Valley, which winds into a flat meadow. You follow it upstream, crossing the brook several times. After nearly 1 km, you come to a more significant confluence, where you follow the brook to the left (trail markers are scarce). Once the brook makes a significant turn to the right, within another km, you leave the meadow and climb between large trees to the left. You come out at the grazing land, where you walk pastseveral shelters and finally get to the intersection with the blue stripe ridge trail, which is not signposted.


Baru - Petros - Lola - Vf. Bulzu - lângă Vf. Paltinului - Valea Ponorului - Traseul BA




Trail markers are occasionally scarce and there are no signposts at the crossroads. In winter, the trail may be dangerous along some steep sections, depending on the snow quantity and quality.


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Baru - lângă Vf. Paltinului - Traseul BA in Hunedoara, Şureanu is a medium Hiking trail.


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