Touristik Label - 122MN17: (Munţii Parâng) - Pasul Groapa Seacă - Gura Potecului - Cabana Şureanu


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From Groapa Seaca Pass, you follow a road to the north (blue stripe and yellow dot trail markings). There are no trail markers past the exit from the forest, however, in non-foggy conditions, orientation is easy following the tracks of ATVs and off-road vehicles. You walk past several smaller grassy peaks, then past Buha Peak, where a new roadside cross has been set up. You walk past Pravat (Cotul Ursului) Peak, where you change direction to go slightly to the left onto a long ridge. You cross a forest clump and descend to a rather low saddle. Before resting in Muierea Meadow, you make an effort and walk past the homonymous peak. From Muierea Meadow, you continue in the same direction (north) and before you go into the forest, you come across a well-built gazebo and a cross. Shortly, the path reaches the intersection with a road that you follow for a long while. Generally, the road goes along the ridge or bypasses some peaks. The first one it bypasses around the right (east) is Ciuha (La Holoanga) Peak. Afterwards, the road descends to Salanele Meadow. Here, the better road descends to the right (east) to reach some sheepfolds and you climb toward the homonymous peak on a well-defined path. However, once near the top, you bypass it too around the right (east), avoiding the entrance into the small forest clump on the peak. Next comes a long hike on the wooded ridge, along the road, which is easy to follow despite the trail markers being scarce and poorly visible. You cross a few small cleared areas. You bypass Smida Mare Peak around the right (east), crossing a large meadow hosting three sheepfolds, and then you bypass a smaller peak this time around the left (west) through the forest. You descend to Gura Potecului Saddle, which is situated at the edge of a large meadow hosting two sheepfolds. Ahead emerges the imposing Patru Peak (Varful lui Patru), which, should you decide to climb from here, challenges you to conquer an elevation gain of over 500 m. You come across a rusty signpost and then another one within approximately 250 m. Slightly uphill, in the forest to the left (west), you look for a not very well-defined yet rather well-marked path bypassing the peak. You hike somewhat on the contour line through the forest for approximately 500 m, then you cross a brook and similarly another 500 m to come to the blue stripe and blue cross signpost (intersection with trail 19) at a sharpturn of a newly-built road coming in from Bilele Valley. You follow this road cut into the mountain side, crossing several brooks for approximately 1.7 km, then you leave it to the right (north) to climb directly to Ocolul Saddle, where the ruins of a Roman camp can be found. If clear and time allows it, you can divert in order to climb Patru Peak (Varful lui Patru), the tallest in the massif, an elevation gain from here of only 160 m. From Ocolul Saddle, you follow the trail of the signposts descending to the northern side of Mount Ausel to a water stream, then you cross a bulldozed ski slope and go onto a road somewhat on the contour line. The signpost line cuts through the ski domain at about two thirds into the slope. You get in the proximity of Ada Après-Ski, from where you descend to the right (east) on the road for approximately 800 m to reach the intersection with the road leading to Sureanu Hut. A signpost is located here. You follow this road for another 800 m and rest in the yard of Sureanu Hut. Once here, you must visit Sureanu Lake too, a magical place situated within only 150 m.


(Munţii Parâng) - Pasul Groapa Seacă - lângă Vf. Pravăţ (Cotul Ursului) - Poiana Muierii - Sălanele - Gura Potecului - lângă Vf. Lui Pătru - Şaua Ocolul - Domeniul Schiabil Şureanu - Cabana Şureanu




Trail markers are scarce and poorly visible. The marking to be done in 2019. In winter, it is recommended to closely follow the main ridge.


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(Munţii Parâng) - Pasul Groapa Seacă - Gura Potecului - Cabana Şureanu in Hunedoara, Alba, Vâlcea, Şureanu is a medium Hiking trail.


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